Simulations help physicians and nurses train for real-world problems

Simulations are valuable training techniques that offer hands-on experience. They are used by many professionals from airline pilots to astronauts and from police officers to truck drivers.

The need for hands-on experience is exactly why Dr. Bobbi Byrne, a neonatologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, created a training program using infant care simulations. The manequins in these simulations, their movements, responsiveness and complications are designed to be as realistic as possible; thus, they help train physicians and nurses for real-world problems.

A recent Indianapolis Star article about the program outlines some of the training techniques. Reporter Shari Rudvsky wrote about the process and some of the staff being trained to handle even the most complicated newborn perils.

You can read the entire article and see a slideshow of photographs on

Realizing the value offered by these programs, Dr. Byrne has opened the downtown Indianapolis simulation training center to professionals and hospital staff around the state.

Simulations such as these are just one of the ways we use state-of-the-art technology to train professionals and prepare them to handle even the most complicated situations.

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