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Together, We Can Improve The Health Of American Children—Even In The Middle Of Winter

A prominent health issue on the mind of many Hoosiers is the childhood obesity struggle that our state--and our nation as a whole--faces. It's estimated that currently in our country, as many as one in three children is affected by the obesity epidemic. And during the winter time, it can be especially tough to get active.

That's something that we at IU Health and Riley Hospital for Children take very seriously. And that's why we're taking action. 

We understand, though, that sometimes it can be difficult to stay active during chilling Indiana winters: It's tough getting motivated when your family feels as if its in a gloomy hibernation mode, and if your family doesn't have access to a gym or other indoor recreational facility, working out can be even more challenging.

So what can your family do to keep up with a regular workout routine in the winter time?

  • Set limits on TV and video game times each day
  • Do push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks or other exercises in the floor space of your living room or family room
  • Get the whole family to pitch in by getting involved in active house work
  • Dance along to upbeat music
  • Practice yoga or other stretching exercises
  • Bundle up and enjoy outdoor winter sports -- make snow angels, build an igloo or go sledding
  • Take several laps around the mall 

Though the obesity problem is daunting, we at IU Health have an optimistic outlook. We believe that through support, established boundaries and expectations, empowerment, positive values, and education, we can make a difference.

It is on this positive note that we'd like to mention that we're thrilled to be a part of the movement to fight the childhood obesity epidemic alongside many excellent intiatives and organizations, including one led by none other than the First Lady herself. 

Michelle Obama has been working tirelessly on her Let's Move! campaign, and it's truly inspirational to see her and so many others teaming up to fight the childhood obesity epidemic. 

Check out this video of Mrs. Obama providing us with even more tips on staying active in winter.

And for any other questions or concerns you have with your children's fitness levels, be sure to contact your trusted professional at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health

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