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Kristin Wikel: Bringing Education to Young Patients


When a child is hospitalized or dealing with a long-term illness, the priority is health and healing. But families can overlook or be overwhelmed with the task of helping the child keep up with school. Kristin Wikel, however, understood how beneficial continuity in education was for young patients on the road to recovery, and she knew it would be a relief to parents as well. After a successful eight-year career as a teacher, Kristin pursued a master’s degree and completed a practicum at the…

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How to Handle Your Child’s Nosebleeds


Colds and indoor allergies can irritate the nostril and lead to bleeding, and the dry air from indoor heat can cause drying, cracking, and crusting inside the nose. In most cases, nosebleeds are nothing to worry about, though the sight and taste of blood (if it drips down from the back of the nose into the mouth and throat) can frighten a child. If your child has a nosebleed, take the following steps: Have him sit up and lean forward to avoid swallowing blood. Pinch the nostrils together for 5 to…

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New Study Finds Back Pain More Common in Kids


According to an article in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, back pain is becoming more common among children. The study found that up to one in three adolescents currently suffer from back pain. Sarah Johnson, a pediatric physical therapist at Indiana University Health, says back pain in kids is something she sees frequently. “There's definitely been a higher rate [of back pain] now than ever in the past,” she says. So, what's causing this issue? A…

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Start good eating habits early

01/12/2016 | Family CarePrimary Care

Helping your children establish (and hopefully maintain) good eating habits means starting early, introducing nutritious foods, modeling good eating behavior and maintaining a home environment that reinforces a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to healthy eating, it is important to recognize there are a wide range of parenting styles and many acceptable ways to help kids get the nutrition they need and provide motivation to make good choices. The key is to find what works for your family, and to foster…

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Can too much screen time sabotage a child’s vision?


"We are noticing trends in how screen time impacts vision in children and we are trying to figure out the 'why,'" says Mary Ian McAteer, MD, a pediatrician at Indiana University Health. "Researchers tend to think this is related to the overuse of screens and excessive near work." “Near work” is defined as time spent on a computer, smartphone, tablet or reading. There is evidence that both genetics and overstressing the eyes with near work can lead to myopia, or nearsightedness,…

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