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What to Look For in a Pediatrician

04/08/2015 | Family CarePrimary Care

Whether you’re welcoming your first child into the world or somewhere new, the process of finding the right pediatrician for your child can be stressful and time consuming. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help ease your worries and give you peace-of-mind. Start Early If you’re expecting your first child, it’s best to go on the search for a pediatrician as early as your second trimester. When doing this, it would be to your advantage to ask around. Your ob-gyn,…

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What to Do After the Game: Post-Activity Health Tips for Children

04/06/2015 | Everyday WellnessPlay and Exercise

Involving children in sports is a great way to get them active so that they can develop physically and socially. But after the final whistle blows there are some important steps to take to ensure your child stays healthy. Fluids No matter the sport or season, your young athlete will need fluids-plain and simple. During physical activity, your child will sweat a lot, reducing their hydration and nutrient level. Chocolate milk and water are two excellent options to hydrate after a practice or game.…

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What is My Teen Talking About When She Says She Wants a “Thigh Gap?”

03/31/2015 | Everyday WellnessMental Health

The urge to be thin among young girls has been a feature of our society for some time now. Thin models are on display on nearly every magazine cover, TV commercial, and billboard a teen is likely to come across in her day-to-day life. The pressure to maintain a slim figure can be overwhelming for a young girl. The latest fad amongst slimness-obsessed teens is the term “thigh gap.” What is a thigh gap? A thigh gap is quite literally the space between a woman’s thighs. The idea is…

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Impacts of Social Media on Children

Tech Talk: Impacts of Social Media on Children

03/30/2015 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

Social media opens up vast possibilities of connection to information unlike any technology the world has seen. Along with the many innovations, social media and the Internet present dangers to their users, especially younger ones. According to a Pew Research Center Internet Project’s Teen Fact Sheet, 95% of teens aged 12 to 17 in the U.S. are online, and 81% of them use social media networking sites like Facebook. And younger kids are no strangers to tech either, with 72% of children age 8…

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The Importance of Reading to Your Child

The Importance of Reading to Your Child

03/26/2015 | Ready, Set, School

Most of us adults would recognize the impact literacy has on our daily lives. But did you realize that reading to and with your child from the youngest age possible provides countless benefits to his or her health and well-being? If you find yourself strapped for time at the end of the day and feel like skipping reading, remind yourself of how beneficial reading with your children can be. A stronger parent-child relationship By devoting your attention to your child and his or her favorite book, you…

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