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  • Breastfeeding Awareness Week: Celebrating A Team Effort

    08/05/2014 | Family CareCare for Newborns

    The 2014 World Breastfeeding Week theme, set by The World Breastfeeding Alliance, “Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal – For Life!” celebrates the team effort needed to make breastfeeding easier. World breastfeeding week takes place August 1 through August 7 and provides the perfect time to share information about breastfeeding. Leading healthcare authorities including the American Academy…

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  • Four Ways to Soothe a Restless Baby

    08/02/2014 | Family CareCare for Newborns

    Babies cry. That’s a fact. Sometimes you know exactly what your baby’s cry is communicating and other times, it’s harder to tell. From colic to teething to ear infections to just plain fussiness, infants have many reasons for crying. No matter the reason, you want to comfort your baby and end the tears as quickly as possible. Here are some techniques you can use to sooth your restless…

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  • When to Call the Doctor About Your Newborn

    07/14/2014 | Family CareCare for Newborns

    Part of the joy of caring for your newborn baby is learning his or her expressions and moods. While you can learn the signs for when your baby is happy, hungry or sleepy, being able to tell when your baby is sick can be more challenging. It can be hard to know when to call the doctor, especially if this is your first time caring for a newborn.  Some signs that you should call…

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  • Newborn Heart Screenings: Peace of Mind

    11/11/2013 | Family CareCare for NewbornsTreatmentsHeart

    If you’re expecting a baby, you are hoping to leave the hospital with a healthy baby in tow. One way health care providers are helping ensure your baby is healthy and strong enough to go home is through routine newborn heart screenings. As part of Indiana law, all newborns are required to have blood oxygen levels tested before leaving the hospital. A pulse oximetry test will be performed on your…

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  • Help Prevent your Baby from SIDS

    07/11/2013 | Care for NewbornsCare for Preemies (Neonatology)

    Caring for an infant is tedious work.  As parents or caregivers, you work hard to keep your baby safe and healthy.  But is danger always easy to detect?  SIDS could be your infant’s silent killer.   What is SIDS? SIDS stands for: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is often referred to as, crib death.  This typically occurs in children between the ages of one month…

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  • The First Choice, From Their Very First Breath

    06/14/2013 | Family CareCare for NewbornsCare for Preemies (Neonatology)

    When Jessica Bell was born two months early, her parents Kara and Jim Bell weren’t sure what the future would hold. As doctors expected, Jessica’s lungs weren’t fully developed and she had trouble breathing. The neonatal specialty team from Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health arrived and transported the five-pound infant to Riley, where she was admitted into the…

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  • Hope for Our Smallest Heart Patients

    04/29/2013 | Family CareCare for NewbornsTreatmentsHeart

    Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health celebrates a decade of helping patients with the Berlin Heart. Severe heart failure is scary at any age, but it can be especially difficult for children. Thanks to the Berlin Heart, a mechanical heart support system designed especially for children, pediatric heart patients have the same access to lifesaving technology as adults. The Berlin Heart works by taking…

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  • Matt’s Story | Born at 22 Weeks With a Will to Survive

    09/22/2011 | Family CareCare for Newborns

    Born at 22 weeks and five days, Matt spent more than five months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Riley Hospital for Children. When Matt’s mom, Amy, went into labor just after the start of her 22nd week, his parents were told that their son had little chance of survival. Amy recalls one doctor saying, “We don’t really, at this point in time, have enough data to give you…

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  • Simulations help physicians and nurses train for real-world problems

    08/08/2011 | Family CareCare for NewbornsCare for Preemies (Neonatology)

    Simulations are valuable training techniques that offer hands-on experience. They are used by many professionals from airline pilots to astronauts and from police officers to truck drivers. The need for hands-on experience is exactly why Dr. Bobbi Byrne, a neonatologist at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, created a training program using infant care simulations. The manequins in these simulations,…

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