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Warning Signs- 5 Signs Your Child May Be Suffering from Depression

10/06/2015 | Mental Health

If your child has a cold, or the flu, you would treat it. If they have a more serious condition like asthma or juvenile arthritis, you would take them to a doctor and come up with a plan to deal with the disease. Depression in children, while it’s not always as visibly apparent as some other diseases, also needs to be treated. It can be difficult to determine if a child is suffering from depression. The signs aren’t exactly the same in kids as they are in adults. Here are 5 signs that…

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Bullying Prevention- 5 Tips to Help Kids Build Self-Confidence

10/06/2015 | Mental Health

It’s incredibly challenging as a parent when your child is being bullied at school. Bullying can be damaging to your child’s self esteem in ways that can seem impossible to recover from. You need to address the direct cause of bullying by working with teachers and school administrators. You also need to manage the mental effects of the child who has been the victim of bullying. Here are 5 ways to help bullied kids re-build their self-confidence: 1. Invest in something they love. If your…

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#FriendshipFriday: The Importance of Friendship in Combatting Bullying

10/01/2015 | TreatmentsMental Health

October is Bullying Prevention Month. When your child is bullied at school, it’s easy to feel powerless. Preventing bullying, and dealing with it and the aftermath can seem impossibly daunting. There are tools available to help you help your children. One of the most powerful tools to help kids fight bullying is friendship. When a child is bullied, they often feel isolated and alone. Building strong friendships can help combat these feelings, giving a child powerful allies to stand against…

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What Are the Health Benefits of Breastfeeding Versus Formula Feeding for Moms and Babies?

10/01/2015 | Family CareCare for Newborns

In the United States, 77 percent of new moms breastfeed their babies. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) wants to increase this number to 81.9% by 2020. Why? Research has shown that breastfeeding improves the health of both the baby and the mom in a number of ways. We spoke to Kathy Thomas, BA, BSN, RNC-OB, IBCLC, and Lactation Coordinator for Indiana University Health North Hospital about the health benefits of breastfeeding for moms and babies.  Health Benefits For Moms: -Lowers blood pressure…

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Back Home Again: Annual Tri-State Craniofacial Conference Returns to Riley Hospital

09/30/2015 | TreatmentsCleft & Craniofacial Anomalies

2015 Tri-State Craniofacial Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Robert J. Havlik

Each year, participants from craniofacial teams in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio come together to share techniques in the evaluation and treatment of cleft and craniofacial patients. On October 2, the Cleft & Craniofacial Anomalies Program at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health will host the 27th Annual Tri-State Craniofacial Conference in the Ruth Lilly Learning Center in the Riley Outpatient Center. The conference rotates host sites throughout the tri-state region on a yearly basis. Riley…

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