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  • What to Look For on Your Child’s Hospital Bill

    10/01/2014 | Community

    Hospital bills contain a lot of information to sift through, and can be overwhelming. However, we want you to understand what you are being charged for when it comes to your child’s hospital visit. We also want you to know that, like you, we have all been patients, too, and understand that “life happens”. Our team members are here to help you understand the information in your…

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  • Questions to Consider About Your Child’s Health to Prepare for Open Enrollment

    09/24/2014 | Community

    Open enrollment for plans offered through the Affordable Care Act starts on October 1. During this time, you can sign up your family, including your children, in a health insurance plan. To ensure you select the best insurance for your child’s needs, ask yourself a few questions. 1. What are my child’s health needs this year? If your child has a condition like diabetes or asthma,…

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  • Four Ways the Affordable Care Act Affects Your Child’s Healthcare

    09/19/2014 | Community

    Your child’s well-being is of paramount importance, so getting the most out of your healthcare plan is essential. Sometimes, the health insurance industry can be difficult to navigate, especially with recent changes to healthcare laws in the United States. President Barack Obama signed The Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010. Since then, health insurance reforms have occurred across the nation,…

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  • Camp About Face

    06/19/2014 | Community

    Children with cleft palate or craniofacial anomalies often feel different and may find it hard to make friends with peers. Founded in 1989, Camp About Face gives kids with craniofacial anomalies a fun camping experience and the chance to meet others who face the unique challenge of growing up with facial difference. Camp About Face helps these kids realize they are not alone and that others…

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  • Elf on a Ledge

    12/06/2013 | CommunityEvents

    Elves Surprise Kids at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health One by one, children filed into playrooms at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health; some via red wagons, others wheeled in chairs and a few walked in with their parents. They weren’t sure what kind of holiday surprise awaited them 10 days before Christmas, and some weren’t feeling up to it.“We had a rough morning and…

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  • Meet Our Roving Reporter

    05/02/2013 | CommunityEventsTreatmentsHeart

    Riley Patient Bailey Hunsberger Will Bring Us All the Action, Live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway When the Indy 500 takes off on May 26, Bailey Hunsberger will already be a regular behind the scenes at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Bailey, a Junior at Indiana University studying microbiology, will act as Roving Reporter from Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, interviewing drivers, taking…

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  • Consider Alternative Halloween Fun

    10/29/2012 | CommunityEventsEveryday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Halloween can be a fun holiday, and usually conjures thoughts of kids in costumes, trick-or-treating and candy. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous: unsafe costumes, kids darting into traffic, and unhealthy candy and treats. Why not opt for something different this year? Here are some alternative ideas to the traditional Halloween: Visit a Haunted House! Going to a haunted house, haunted trail…

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  • Lending Support When You Need it Most

    09/05/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “It has always been a dream of mine to help families with crises, helping them come together to see them through the hardest part of their lives,” says Stacey Downing. As a Medical Social Worker, Stacey is an advocate, resource and companion for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. “I bring a voice to families who can’t or don’t think they can speak up to ask questions…

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  • Hip-hip-hooray for the Cheer Guild

    08/28/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “I wouldn’t be here today without Riley.” As an infant, Heather Dawes came to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health for surgery to repair a heart valve. “The doctors at the hospital where I was born made my Mom feel there was no point in having hope in my survival, let alone a positive future. She was told if I happened to survive, my future was grim at best because I would…

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  • Working with Riley Families to Make Change

    08/23/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “At Riley we have to get to know the patient as a person,” says Alicia Schulhof, Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health current Chief Operating Officer (COO). From the moment you walk in the door, Alicia ensures that you and your family have the best possible experience. Gaining the patients’ perspective Her role as a patient and family representative requires empathy. Alicia feels…

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