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5 Quick and Easy Breakfasts To Give Your Kids Before They Head Out the Door

05/29/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

According to the 2015 Indy Moms Survey conducted by IU Health, 84% of moms in Indianapolis believe that time constraints make it harder for their families to be healthier. This can be particularly true first thing in the morning as parents and kids rush to get to work and school respectively. Many will skip breakfast, or eat an unhealthy breakfast to save time. Here are 5 quick and easy breakfasts that busy moms can hand to their kids as they walk out the door. 1. Fruit. A piece of fruit like a banana…

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5 Healthy Dairy Alternatives

05/28/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

  If you or your kids are lactose intolerant or looking to replace dairy in your diet for health reasons, the options available can be a little overwhelming. In fact, in the 2015 Indy Moms Survey, 42% of Indianapolis moms said that a lack of information makes it difficult to know just what is healthy. In response, here are five healthy alternatives to dairy, and the pros and cons of each. 1.  Almond Milk Pros: Almond milk, like the almonds that it’s made of, is very high in nutrients…

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4 Facts About Childhood Immunizations Every Parent Should Know

05/28/2015 | Family CarePrimary Care

With childhood vaccinations making the news, something most doctors consider to be relatively safe and essential has been causing controversy. According to Dr. Danielle Wiese, MD of Riley Physicians at IU Health, questions about vaccinations have increased dramatically in her practice. Dr. Wiese believes that many parents fears of vaccination are unfounded. With misinformation making the rounds on social media, the internet, and conversation amongst parents, here are a few things you should know…

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3 Spring Smoothie Recipes that Even the Pickiest Kids Will Drink Up

05/22/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

Getting your family to eat healthy can be a real challenge when you have kids who are picky eaters. To help you along, here are 3 healthy spring smoothie recipes that even the pickiest eaters will love. Berry-Berry-Berry Ginger Smoothie ½ Cup of Frozen Blueberries ½ Cup of Frozen Strawberries ½ Cup of Frozen Blackberries ½ Tsp of Fresh Ginger ½ Cup Almond Milk or Soy Milk 2-3 servings. Add ingredients to blender, and blend to your preferred consistency. Kids will…

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Hamsters can be a great pet for kids with allergies.

5 Perfect Pets for Kids with Allergies

05/20/2015 | Allergies & Asthma

For many, a pet dog or cat is a defining part of childhood. TV, movies, and art are filled with images of children walking their dogs, or playing with a pet cat. For many children however, a typical pet dog or cat is not a possibility. It can be heartbreaking for a parent to tell a child who suffers with pet allergies that they just cannot have a dog or cat like their friends. Fortunately, if your child suffers from pet allergies, you do have options. Here are 5 perfect pets for kids with pet allergies:…

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