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5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Fitness into Family Time

07/20/2015 | Everyday WellnessPlay and Exercise

Making fitness a priority for your whole family can be difficult. Specifically, motivating your family to work out, and finding time for your family to work out can be a challenge. The solution? Incorporating fitness into your family time. Here are 5 simple ways to make your family time more fit. 1. Assign more rigorous chores. When assigning chores for your family, make sure to include chores that will work up a sweat. Chores like gardening, cleaning cars, or even taking out the trash can help keep…

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget

07/20/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy EatingPlay and Exercise

Making a healthy lifestyle work when your family has a budget can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, when it comes to healthy living, there are steps you can take to live better while also living within your means. In fact, in some cases, healthy choices are also frugal ones, and will save you money. 1. Take a walk. While joining a gym is often expensive, taking a walk around your neighborhood is free. Walking is a great, low-impact exercise. 2. Buy frozen vegetables. Canned…

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10 Inexpensive, Healthy Alternatives for Your Regular Groceries

07/16/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

Maintaining your family grocery budget is a tricky proposition. You need to get enough food to feed your whole family at a price you can afford. Adding on the extra challenge of buying healthy food, which is often more expensive, can make things even more difficult. Here are 10 inexpensive healthy alternatives for your regular groceries. 1. Turkey Burger for Hamburger. Ground turkey is leaner, and has fewer calories than hamburger. It’s also high in protein. 2. Oatmeal for Cereal.…

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5 Ways Life Changes When You Are Pregnant

07/16/2015 | Family CareExpecting Mothers

When you are pregnant, you know your life is going to change. You are, after all, creating a new human being. You may wonder though, just how different will my life be during pregnancy? There will be many changes that occur during pregnancy. There are big changes, and small. Some you will expect, and others you won’t. Here are 5 ways your life will change when you are pregnant. You will need to use the bathroom more. Early on in pregnancy, possibly before you even know you are pregnant, you…

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Road Scholars: 3 Mind Sharpening Road Trip Games for Kids

07/14/2015 | Everyday WellnessPlay and Exercise

It’s summer time and you know what that means: road trips. Whether you’re packing the family into the car for a trip to grandmother’s house, or taking them on a long haul to the Grand Canyon, finding mentally stimulating activities to fill hours in the car can be a challenge. Many parents resort to “screen time” passing their kids a smartphone or an iPad. If you are looking for a way to turn your kids into “Road Scholars” without a screen, here are 3 games…

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