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  • Keeping Your Kids Safe At The Pool

    06/29/2011 | Everyday WellnessPlay and ExerciseSafety & Prevention

    In the early weeks of summer, we sadly see far too many accidents, injuries, and worse that could be prevented by using proper pool safety. Children are not often developmentally ready for swimming lessons until after the age of four, so it is incredibly important that you are vigilant around the pool. Even a child that knows how to swim needs to be supervised at all times. We advise that no one, adult…

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  • ATV Safety Starts With Awareness

    06/27/2011 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    A quick look at some numbers and you’ll find that ATV accidents among youth account for a large numbers of trips to the hospital. According to the ATV Safety Institute, 90 percent of youth ATV accidents happen with a youth operating an adult-sized vehicle. During a 10-year span from 1999-2009, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health treated 422 kids under the age of 18 for preventable…

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  • Preventing Childhood Obesity

    06/22/2011 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

    Sadly, childhood obesity continues to rise in Indiana, but we here at IU Health are not sitting idly by. Steps beyond awareness and education must be taken, so IU Health and its partners have launched four programs to help Indiana children and parents eat and play better. “Garden On The Go” is a mobile produce truck that delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to low-income neighborhoods in…

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  • June Is Home Safety Month

    06/10/2011 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Summer is here, which means more kids are either at home, with a babysitter or at daycare. Perhaps that is why June is home safety month. We want to give you and your family some safety tips to help avoid injury or poisoning, so this summer can be a fun and healthy one. A normal room to us can be a danger zone for children. It’s been a while since we were crawling around on the floor as a child,…

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  • Bike Helmet Safety Month

    06/08/2011 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    June is Bike Helmet Month and Indiana University Health wants your biking adventures to be safe ones. With summer getting into full swing, it's more important than ever to discuss the significance of helmet safety in your household. Head injuries are the leading cause of bike-related fatalities, so it just makes sense to wear them. Did you know that in 90 percent of all bike-related deaths, a vehicles…

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  • Real Injury Threat Of Video Games

    06/03/2011 | Everyday WellnessPlay and ExerciseSafety & Prevention

    With video game consoles becoming more and more interactive, the risk for a real injury is a reality. Long gone are the days of simply sitting back and letting your fingers do all the work. With systems like the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox 360 Kinect, becoming part of the game is easier than ever. But as these systems and games become more physically interactive, players can lose track that they are performing…

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  • Hidden Dangers Of Caffeine For Youths

    06/02/2011 | Everyday WellnessHealthy Eating

    While they share different names, energy drinks--or drinks that contain high levels of caffeine--are a concern as they become more prevalent in a younger generation. Some kids sneak sips of their grandparent’s coffee, while others slam energy drinks on a daily basis. Although it’s not a thoroughly researched topic, caffeine can have a negative effect on a child including difficulty sleeping…

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  • Think Before You Ride

    05/28/2011 | Everyday WellnessPlay and ExerciseSafety & Prevention

    Kids. All-terrain vehicles. Accidents. Far too often, one thing leads to another and what started off as a simple joy ride turns into a hospital stay – or worse. We see children with trauma from ATV accidents every year at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. The sad reality is that many times, the injuries were preventable. So, if you’re heading out for some ATV fun,…

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  • Free Fair Promotes Bike Safety for Children

    05/18/2011 | CommunityEventsEveryday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Summer’s only a few days away. And with new bike lanes and routes sprouting up all over the city, cyclists of all ages are already hitting the streets. But are they wearing protective gear and helmets? Do you wear yours? What about your children? Helmets are the single most effective way to prevent head injury resulting from a bicycle crash. But Indiana University Health-affiliated emergency…

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  • Children and Lawnmower Safety

    05/17/2011 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Dr. Tres Scherer from Riley Children’s Hospital recently sat down and spoke about children and lawnmower safety. As spring is finally here, anyone who mows has most likely done it a couple a times. With the popularity of riding lawn mowers growing, it takes only one second for a child to potentially be severely injured. It’s important to keep think about the safety of children when performing…

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