• Six Ways to Help Your Child Succeed This School Year

    08/22/2014 |

    Academic success is measured in various ways depending on the school: many schools use traditional letter grades (ABCDF), some value a grade-free approach and still others practice a ranking system based on a curve. No matter what type of grading system…  Read More

  • Prevent Cyber Bullying

    08/13/2014 |

    You may think you know what your child is doing online, but chances are you don’t know the full story. Even if you have family rules regarding technology use, your child could still be at risk for cyber bullying. Whether it happens online or not,…  Read More

  • Enterovirus D68: What You Need to Know

    09/11/2014 |

    By now, you’ve probably heard about it: the rare strain of a common virus believed to be behind the spike in kids being sent to the hospital for moderate to severe respiratory infections—enterovirus D68. But there’s no need to panic.…  Read More

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Childhood Diabetes: What You Need to Know

10/31/2014 | TreatmentsDiabetes & Endocrinology

November marks American Diabetes Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about diabetes. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014, 9.3% of Americans have diabetes and approximately .25% of those people – 208,000 individuals – are below the age of 20. There are several things you can do to prevent your child’s chances of getting diabetes. It starts with making healthier choices for yourself and your child. To combat your child’s risk of type 2 diabetes,…

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When to Call the Doctor: Depression and Anxiety in Your Child

10/30/2014 | TreatmentsMental Health

As a parent, monitoring your child’s emotional state can be challenging. Particularly with teenagers, it can be tough to know whether your teen is experiencing typical adolescent angst or something more serious, like clinical depression. Depression can affect children and adolescents in many of the same ways it affects adults. Symptoms of depression in children may include: Changes in sleep patterns, including needing more sleep or getting less of it Difficulty concentrating or feeling that…

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Trick or Treat Safety Tips

10/23/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

There's no trick to keeping children safe on Halloween; it just takes some basic precautions to make sure the evening is a treat. Here are four tips for ensuring trick or treating is both safe and fun: Take along your own lighting: Use a flashlight and put reflective tape on costumes and goody bags to help drivers see children as they go from house to house. Use the buddy system: Children should not trick-or-treat alone. They should walk in groups or with a trusted adult. Tell your children to…

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It’s Never Too Early to Prevent Poisoning

10/21/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

In the past 12 months, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health has seen over 370 cases of child poisoning In fact, over half of all calls to the Indiana Poison Center involve children. Many times, the poisoning is due to over the counter or prescription medicines. “The most common medicines children take are over the counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen, however vitamins can also be a danger due to the iron in them,” explains Lauren Buenger, PharmD, and ER Clinical…

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National SIDS Awareness Month

10/21/2014 | Family CareCare for Newborns

I like to pretend to be the ultra-relaxed laid-back sort of mom. The truth is that I’ve caught myself popping my head over my healthy infant’s crib a time or two “just to make sure” she was still breathing. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) tops every parent’s anxiety list. We don’t know what causes it- although some studies have linked it to inherited heart problems. The term Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) includes both SIDS and sudden…

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