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  • Four Ways To Take Control of Your Child’s Healthcare

    09/08/2014 | Family CarePrimary Care

    With all of the medical options available for you and your child, navigating the healthcare field can be difficult. When it comes to your child’s health and options for providing your child with the best healthcare available, you may have many questions. Unfortunately, a perfect guide that answers every question about children’s healthcare may not exist. As a parent, being proactive is…

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  • Back To School Germs: Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Getting Sick

    09/05/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    Back to school is an exciting time, but it is also an important time to remind your child about some health and safety basics. With illnesses like colds, the flu, strep throat and head lice common in schools, the following tips can help to reduce your child’s risk of catching a classroom bug: Teach good hand washing habits. Frequent and thorough hand washing is your child’s greatest…

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  • Helping Your Child Start A New School

    09/04/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    The start of a new school year can be an exciting time, but for kids starting a new school, it can also be a time of anxiety. Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or you recently moved and have to switch schools, a new school can cause school related separation anxiety or even school refusal. You can help make your child’s transition to a new school easier with these…

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  • Ending Childhood Obesity Bullying

    08/29/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and the perfect time to bring awareness to the issue of discrimination and bullying of children affected by obesity. The Obesity Action Coalition urges all Americans to recognize the fight against childhood obesity and to stop the stigmatization of the children who struggle with the issue. Weight is a sensitive issue, but it is even more…

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  • What to Tell the Teacher About Your Child’s Medicines

    08/25/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    As the new school year approaches, you collect supplies, buy new tennis shoes and get ready to pack all sorts of healthy lunches. If your child has a condition such as asthma or diabetes, you also worry about introducing a new teacher to your child’s health needs. Though you have kept an eye on them all summer, your child’s teacher does not know how your child acts when their blood sugar…

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  • Six Ways to Help Your Child Succeed This School Year

    08/22/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    Academic success is measured in various ways depending on the school: many schools use traditional letter grades (ABCDF), some value a grade-free approach and still others practice a ranking system based on a curve. No matter what type of grading system a school uses, every child has the opportunity to succeed. You can prepare your child for success through a number of different activities, beyond…

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  • Utilizing Available Mental Health Services At Your Child’s School

    08/21/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    Children have a vivid emotional life just as adults do, but they lack the life experience that adults can draw from to help them cope with stressful situations. Kids also deal with unique stressors like bullying, needing to fit in with their peers and going through puberty. These issues can be challenging to handle as a parent; fortunately, a variety of resources are available at your child’s…

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  • Your Child’s Biggest School Fears and How To Help

    08/19/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    With summer coming to a close, there can only be one thing on your child’s mind: the new school year! From buying school supplies to memorizing the bus schedule, there’s a lot you can do to help your child prepare for a new grade level. Your preparation may also include easing the growing nerves that your student is feeling due to all the change a new year brings. Though going back to school…

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  • Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Back To School

    08/17/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    When back to school time arrives, things tend to get a little hectic. While getting into the new daily routine, it can be easy for parents and kids alike to put healthy habits on the back burner in  favor of more convenient options. Following these tips can help you and your family  keep things healthy during the back to school transition. Eat breakfast. The morning time crunch can make it…

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  • Back-to-School Breakfast Ideas for Busy Parents

    08/16/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    When summer ends and your kids head back to school, mornings can become even more rushed. With so little time, it’s easy to hand your children granola bars, breakfast pastries or packs of tiny muffins, but these quick breakfast treats might be packed with sugar and loaded with saturated fat. On the other hand, skipping breakfast altogether can make kids tired. While they’re in class, this…

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