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  • Four Ways To Take Control of Your Child’s Healthcare

    09/08/2014 | Family CarePrimary Care

    With all of the medical options available for you and your child, navigating the healthcare field can be difficult. When it comes to your child’s health and options for providing your child with the best healthcare available, you may have many questions. Unfortunately, a perfect guide that answers every question about children’s healthcare may not exist. As a parent, being proactive is…

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  • The Importance of Immunizations For Children and Adults

    08/11/2014 | Family CarePrimary Care

    August is National Immunization Awareness Month and is the perfect time to discuss the importance of immunizations for both children and adults. Immunizations are scheduled throughout childhood, with many beginning within the first few months of life. By following a regular schedule, and making sure children are immunized at the right times, you're ensuring the best defense against dangerous childhood…

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  • Asking the right questions about your child’s prescription

    07/18/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & PreventionFamily CarePrimary Care

    When it comes to your child’s prescription medications, the long, technical names of the drugs may confuse you. Even if you see a pediatrician that you trust, you should be prepared to manage your child's prescriptions. There are many questions you should ask about your child’s prescriptions before leaving the pediatrician’s office and heading to the pharmacy. Below are a…

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  • Why Are Kids Sick So Often?

    08/25/2013 | Family CarePrimary Care

    Like many parents, you may feel like your kids are always sick. One week it is a cold, the next week it is an ear infection, and you always seem to be in the doctor’s office. In fact, kids are sick more often; it isn’t uncommon for a child to get six to eight upper respiratory infections each year. Children in school or day care may get sick more frequently because of exposure to more children…

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  • Butterflies and Belly Aches

    08/23/2013 | Family CarePrimary CareTreatmentsGastroenterology

    It’s a common childhood complaint: stomach ache. As a parent, it can be frustrating to know whether it’s just part of growing up, or if it’s a more serious disease or issue with abdominal organs. So when should you call the doctor about your child’s stomach ache? Here’s what you need to know about possible causes of abdominal pain, how to help your child deal with the…

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  • Avoid the Bedtime Battle

    03/17/2013 | Family CarePrimary Care

    Bedtime can be a fight, prompting some parents to abandon regular bedtimes. However, not getting enough sleep can affect children’s health and behavior. Children in preschool and elementary school need 10 to 12 hours of sleep each day. Sleep is a time for their brains to develop; it helps them maintain attention and good behavior at school. Additionally, without enough sleep, they may be at higher…

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  • Routines Make for Easier Bedtimes

    08/25/2012 | Family CarePrimary Care

    By now, most kids have started back to school. Morning routines are probably still being established; from panicked searches for just the right shirt to rushed goodbyes as they run frantically trying to catch the bus. Some morning mayhem is to be expected as back-to-school routines are established, but how are those new bedtime routines going? If they’re not going so well, Dr. Deborah Givan at…

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  • Treating a Sign of Summer: Swimmer’s Ear

    08/21/2012 | Everyday WellnessPlay and ExerciseFamily CarePrimary Care

    This summer’s string of scorching hot days makes swimming in a pool or lake even more inviting. While swimming is a great way to cool off, kids who spend a lot of time in the water, especially underwater, can experience inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal – medically referred to as otitis externa, but more commonly known as “swimmer’s ear.” Unlike middle ear infections…

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  • Tools for School: Get Your Vaccinations

    08/08/2012 | Family CarePrimary CareReady, Set, School

    This is the second in a three part series this week that will give you some helpful back-to-school tools! It’s that time of year when kids need yearly physicals to make sure they’re in tip top shape to head back to school. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask if your child’s vaccines are up to date. It may be even more important than ever this year, due to a potential…

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  • Kids’ Stomach Aches

    08/03/2012 | Family CarePrimary CareTreatmentsGastroenterology

    Tummy Trouble  Picture this: you’re all set to leave for the morning and one of your children announces, “I have a stomach ache!” Any parent of young children can relate to the confusing nature of children’s stomach pains. You may wonder: Is it serious? Just a stomach bug? Did they eat something that made them ill? Or are they just trying to get out of going to school?…

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