• Impacts of Social Media on Children

    Tech Talk: Impacts of Social Media on Children

    03/30/2015 |

    Social media opens up vast possibilities of connection to information unlike any technology the world has seen. Along with the many innovations, social media and the Internet present dangers to their users, especially younger ones. According to a Pew…  Read More

  • The Importance of Reading to Your Child

    The Importance of Reading to Your Child

    03/26/2015 |

    Most of us adults would recognize the impact literacy has on our daily lives. But did you realize that reading to and with your child from the youngest age possible provides countless benefits to his or her health and well-being? If you find yourself…  Read More

  • Get the Facts: Five Facts About Spring Allergies in Kids

    03/23/2015 |

    It’s not winter anymore. Cold and flu season is over. Yet your little one is sniffling, and complaining of itchy eyes and sinus pain. Could she have spring allergies? Spring allergies affect many children, but if your child has never shown allergy…  Read More

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Staying Patient During Your Child’s Development

Staying Patient During Your Child’s Development

03/23/2015 | Everyday Wellness

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we are so eager for major life events that we grow anxious or impatient while waiting for the moment to arrive. Parents of little ones know this to be true as they watch their children grow and thrive. Each child develops at his or her own pace, and many parents seek to find balance between anticipation and patience throughout common developmental stages. Below are some tips to encourage a child’s development while practicing patience along the way.  …

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Stopping the Flu Before it Starts: Understanding How the Flu Spreads Among Children

03/20/2015 | Everyday WellnessFamily CarePrimary Care

Winter is winding down but cold and flu season is still in full effect. Keeping your  family healthy can be a challenge. It helps to understand how the flu spreads- especially how it spreads among kids. Understanding how the flu is transmitted can help you take steps to prevent your family from getting sick in the first place. The Flu: It’s In the Air Influenza, more commonly called “the flu” is an airborne disease that causes fever, sore throats, chills, and coughing in children…

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When Should I Keep My Child Home from School?

When Should I Keep My Child Home from School?

03/20/2015 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

Have you ever grappled with the decision to keep your children home from school or send them on their way, sniffles and all? School rules and your own best judgment often provide the best answer.  The school rules are the rules. More often than not, a child is going to stay home from school for reasons related to school rules. Examples of such school rules are that the child must be fever-free for 24 hours, have been on antibiotics 24 hours after a strep diagnosis or have not vomited that day. …

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Helping kids lose weight

03/13/2015 | Everyday WellnessHealthy EatingFamily CarePrimary Care

Nearly one third of all children are overweight or obese. The good news is this number has been decreasing in recent years. Here are ways to help your family stay on track with weight management: Focus on getting healthy, not losing weight. Worrying too much about the scale can be frustrating and may make people want to quit. Comment to your kids how much better you feel when you make a healthy choice. For example, “I have much more energy after taking a walk.”  Involve the whole…

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Choosing Good Role Models

Choosing Good Role Models

03/11/2015 | Safety & Prevention

Having a role model isn’t child’s play – both kids and adults look up to other, influential people for guidance. From a young age, we all watch others for direction on decision-making, ethics and inspiration. Children often choose a parent or close relative to be their first role model. Throughout development, choices in role models shift to teachers and peers so that kids learn how to behave in new environments like school. As social influences like pop celebrities grab children’s…

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