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  • Lending Support When You Need it Most

    09/05/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “It has always been a dream of mine to help families with crises, helping them come together to see them through the hardest part of their lives,” says Stacey Downing. As a Medical Social Worker, Stacey is an advocate, resource and companion for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. “I bring a voice to families who can’t or don’t think they can speak up to ask questions…

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  • Hip-hip-hooray for the Cheer Guild

    08/28/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “I wouldn’t be here today without Riley.” As an infant, Heather Dawes came to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health for surgery to repair a heart valve. “The doctors at the hospital where I was born made my Mom feel there was no point in having hope in my survival, let alone a positive future. She was told if I happened to survive, my future was grim at best because I would…

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  • Working with Riley Families to Make Change

    08/23/2012 | CommunityVolunteering

    “At Riley we have to get to know the patient as a person,” says Alicia Schulhof, Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health current Chief Operating Officer (COO). From the moment you walk in the door, Alicia ensures that you and your family have the best possible experience. Gaining the patients’ perspective Her role as a patient and family representative requires empathy. Alicia feels…

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