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  • Expecting Moms: How to Keep Your Sanity During Bed Rest

    07/27/2014 | Family CareExpecting Mothers

    If you are at risk for complications during pregnancy, your healthcare provider may prescribe bed rest. This can mean different things in different situations. For some pregnancies, bed rest may simply mean that you must decrease your overall activity level, but it can also mean that mom must stay sitting or lying down—you may even be advised to not get up to shower or go to the bathroom. Staying…

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  • Warning Signs: When to Take Your Child to the ER

    07/23/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your children safe and healthy. Even healthy children get sick or hurt sometimes, but it can be difficult as a parent to know when to make the decision to take your child to the emergency room. You should take your child to the emergency room in the following circumstances: Sudden change in mental status – confusion, disorientation, sleepiness…

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  • What to pack for your child’s surgery

    07/22/2014 | Family Care

    Whether your child is having an inpatient or outpatient surgery, you and your child may have anxiety about the experience. It is important to keep your child calm, and let him or her know that the surgery is important for their current and future health. Answer any questions your child may have about the surgery, and let him or her know step by step how to prepare before the day of surgery. Also, let…

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  • 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

    07/19/2014 | Everyday Wellness

    Choosing a pediatrician is an important process. A pediatrician manages a child’s healthcare from birth to young adulthood, so finding a doctor who is a good fit both for you and your child is key for building a successful relationship. If you are looking for a new pediatrician for your child, the following suggestions can help. Consult your friends and family  Referrals can be a great way…

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  • Asking the right questions about your child’s prescription

    07/18/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & PreventionFamily CarePrimary Care

    When it comes to your child’s prescription medications, the long, technical names of the drugs may confuse you. Even if you see a pediatrician that you trust, you should be prepared to manage your child's prescriptions. There are many questions you should ask about your child’s prescriptions before leaving the pediatrician’s office and heading to the pharmacy. Below are a…

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  • Your Child’s Stomach Flu – When to Call the Doctor

    07/16/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Many of us have experienced the gut-retching symptoms of the stomach flu and know that it can leave us feeling weak and tired. For children, this illness can be even tougher to handle. So, it is important to understand the symptoms of the stomach flu and how to help our children. Here is what you should know about the stomach flu and how to treat it. The Basics of Stomach Flu Norovirus and…

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  • What to pack for a healthy day at the pool

    07/15/2014 | Everyday WellnessHealthy EatingSafety & Prevention

    Having pruned fingers and toes from hanging in the pool for days on end is a fond childhood memory of many. For years children have been flocking to the nearest public pool to dive, splash and cannonball. Those unbearably hot summer days can make it impossible to do anything but go to the pool and cool down. Whether you have your own pool or travel to the nearest public pool, it is great to cool down…

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  • When to Call the Doctor About Your Newborn

    07/14/2014 | Family CareCare for Newborns

    Part of the joy of caring for your newborn baby is learning his or her expressions and moods. While you can learn the signs for when your baby is happy, hungry or sleepy, being able to tell when your baby is sick can be more challenging. It can be hard to know when to call the doctor, especially if this is your first time caring for a newborn.  Some signs that you should call…

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  • The 2014 Harold M. Trusler Lectureship in Pediatric Plastic Surgery

    07/11/2014 | TreatmentsCleft & Craniofacial Anomalies

    Doctor Harold M Trusler was the first intern at Riley Hospital for Children when it opened in 1924.  Doctor Trusler’s desire to help children affected by birth defects and trauma led to his interest in reconstructive Surgery.  He went on to become internationally known for his work with Riley’s Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic and was appointed the first Director of the Division of…

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  • Should You Call the Doctor about Your Child’s Rash?

    07/10/2014 | TreatmentsDermatology

    Itchy skin can be maddening. Your skin is dry, sensitive and red. All you want to do is scratch, but that brings little relief. In fact, that will actually make your rash worse. It’s a vicious cycle and you just want it to end.  When your child gets a rash, relief cannot come quickly enough. They struggle with the discomfort and you struggle to keep the rash from spreading. It’s…

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