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  • Four Ways to Ease Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

    09/16/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    If crying and tantrums are commonplace in your daily preschool drop-off, your child may have separation anxiety. Many children experience separation anxiety between one year and five years old. It is usually a phase that passes quickly. You can help your child feel more comfortable when away from you by following these tips. Follow a regular schedule. Part of separation anxiety is that your toddler…

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  • How to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

    09/15/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    As a parent, you play a fundamental role in keeping your child healthy. Often, this includes preparing well-balanced meals, encouraging proper exercise and meeting regular doctor appointments. When your child is feeling under the weather, you explore treatment options with your family physician or visit your local pharmacy for a quick remedy. In doing this, you ensure your child is physically well,…

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  • How to Prevent Your Child From Trying Smoking

    09/12/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Every year fewer and fewer teenagers smoke according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Parents play a large role in preventing teen smoking. You can help keep your teenager from picking up the habit by clearly communicating the dangers of smoking. Encourage your teen to live a smoke-free lifestyle using these tactics: 1. Don’t smoke. Though it may not seem like it,…

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  • Enterovirus D68: What You Need to Know

    09/11/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    By now, you’ve probably heard about it: the rare strain of a common virus believed to be behind the spike in kids being sent to the hospital for moderate to severe respiratory infections—enterovirus D68. But there’s no need to panic. Infectious disease experts with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health answer pressing questions about the virus and how best to respond…

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  • Melissa LeBaron, 2014 Legacy Award Recipient

    09/10/2014 |

    ~~Melissa LeBaron was named the Ritter-Severns Legacy Award recipient at Camp About Face on June 18, 2014.  Melissa was recognized for her many years of volunteer service to Camp About Face.   The Ritter-Severns Legacy Award was established in 2010 by Camp About Face in honor of Carol Ritter and Trish Severns, co-founders of the camp.  Carol and Trish are long-time members of the Cleft…

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  • Five Ways to Help Your Child With Anxiety

    09/09/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    It’s normal for children to worry a little, especially if they are experiencing big changes. Sometimes children and adolescents don’t realize that their anxiety is more intense than typical. When worry turns into full-blown anxiety, your child may need help coping. Here are five ways you can help your child deal with anxiety: Talk about it. Ignoring your child’s fears won’t…

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  • Four Ways To Take Control of Your Child’s Healthcare

    09/08/2014 | Family CarePrimary Care

    With all of the medical options available for you and your child, navigating the healthcare field can be difficult. When it comes to your child’s health and options for providing your child with the best healthcare available, you may have many questions. Unfortunately, a perfect guide that answers every question about children’s healthcare may not exist. As a parent, being proactive is…

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  • Back To School Germs: Reduce Your Child’s Risk of Getting Sick

    09/05/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    Back to school is an exciting time, but it is also an important time to remind your child about some health and safety basics. With illnesses like colds, the flu, strep throat and head lice common in schools, the following tips can help to reduce your child’s risk of catching a classroom bug: Teach good hand washing habits. Frequent and thorough hand washing is your child’s greatest…

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  • Helping Your Child Start A New School

    09/04/2014 | Family CareReady, Set, School

    The start of a new school year can be an exciting time, but for kids starting a new school, it can also be a time of anxiety. Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or you recently moved and have to switch schools, a new school can cause school related separation anxiety or even school refusal. You can help make your child’s transition to a new school easier with these…

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  • How Secondhand Smoke Affects Children

    09/03/2014 | Everyday WellnessSafety & Prevention

    Smoking is bad for you – this should come as no surprise. From packaging warnings to advertising campaigns, we often see and hear about the implications smoking has on those who smoke. What is less widely known are the effects of secondhand smoke – especially to children. Secondhand smoke is the mixture of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe or cigar and smoke exhaled by the…

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