Car Seat Safety Checks

Did you know Indiana law states that children must use a safety restraint such as a car seat until age 8? Four out of five children's car seats are used improperly. Are you using your car seat the right way? Properly installed child safety seats can significantly reduce your child's risk of injury or death. To make sure your child is as safe as possible, schedule an appointment for a Car Seat Safety Check by one of our certified child safety seat technicians. You may choose to have it conducted in Monroe or Orange counties to provide you with convenient locations.

  • There is no cost for the safety checks.
  • Inspections are done by appointment only and take about 30-45 minutes. Times and dates vary depending on the availability of the certified child safety seat technician.
  • Schedule your appointment early! If you are expecting a baby, we would like to see you before the baby arrives to make sure the car seat is installed correctly.
  • Please bring your car seat instruction manual AND your vehicle manual to your appointment.
  • A section on child passenger safety and correct child safety seat installation is included in all of our childbirth classes.
  • Don’t forget about your older children! Please ask about booster seats for your older child ages 5-8.

Bloomington Inspection Location

Call 812-353-5252 for more information.

To schedule an appointment

Please leave a voice mail to schedule your appointment, including your name and phone number(s). Allow up to one week for your call to be returned.