H.E.L.P. Lead Testing

Lead Poisoning. It's more common than you think.

View recalls and information involving lead through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention programs provided by Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Community Health to help families in our community. Services include educational programs to inform community members on how to make their homes greener and safer for the residents who live there, free home visits and lead testing.  A home visit conducted by a community health educator can help families to identify potential sources of toxins or lead in the home and learn how to reduce exposure to them.

Children are at a greater risk of Lead Poisoning and exposure to toxins due to their small size, growing and developing body, and because they commonly put things in their mouths. Environmental toxins can cause poisoning, respiratory problems, allergies, organ damage, and even death if the toxin is plentiful.  Sometimes, exposure to toxins may not show up until your child is older. Lead Poisoning could cause decreased I.Q., poor muscle and bone development, and brain damage to name only a few.  Environmental toxins can be difficult to measure so we offer simple ways to eliminate the toxins to be on the safe side.   Since there are no obvious signs of Lead Poisoning, blood tests are the only accurate way to determine if your child has an elevated Lead level. Testing can be done through your physician or at IU Health Bloomington Hospital Community Health by calling 812.353.5767.

Many of the environmental toxins can be found in the simple household products and used commonly in homes throughout the community.  Lead can be found in manufactured items including paint, toys, jewelry and furniture.

For more information, call the number above, or e-mail sevans12@iuhealth.org.


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