Client Services

The Positive Link Client Services Team offers support and care services to those in the community infected with HIV. All services are provided without cost to the client, and is available to any HIV+ individual. While HIV infection is a life-changing diagnosis, for many individuals it is one of many issues they face. Using a comprehensive and client-centered approach, Positive Link provides a continuum of services to assist in increasing quality of life for those infected.


HIV Care Coordination is a model of medical case management that functions to holistically address the wellness of those infected with HIV. At its core, care coordination provides assistance with managing HIV disease and its co-occurring disorders; while also recognizing that for some their HIV status is one of many critical issues that need addressed. Care coordinators offer assistance with understanding the impact of HIV, facilitates linkage to physicians, assists in accessing insurance and/or primary care, and provides social support for HIV+ individuals and their families.

In addition to the medical component of care, we provide additional support services. From facilitating support groups to linking clients to peer support, offering employment assistance to applying for disability, Positive Link seeks to reduce barriers to health care from each person’s individual angle.

For questions regarding care coordination services or to schedule an intake to services, please contact our Client Services Coordinator at 812.353.3241 or


For many of our clients, the importance of addressing HIV infection is secondary to securing and maintaining basic life necessities.  Because the most basic of needs is to sustain a stable housing environment, we work closely with Community Health’s Housing Services Program to provide ongoing stability.  For others, ongoing financial support is not required but an opportunistic infection or unexpected life situation can make maintaining health and stability incredibly difficult.  In those times, clients can access emergency financial assistance to pay for medication copays, medical costs, transportation assistance, utility or rental assistance, and other items as needed by the individual clients.

Clients of Positive Link can contact their care coordinator to access the system.

Please click here to review the Homeless Management Information System Notice of Privacy Practices.


Maintaining a healthy diet can impact overall wellness in any individual, including those infected with HIV. However, some of the healthiest foods can be prohibitively expensive to those with minimal and fixed incomes. To increase the preventive care a healthful diet offers, we provide series of nutritional assistance programs. For most clients, we are able to provide, in partnership with the Hoosier Hills Food Bank, access to shelf-stable groceries. In addition, in partnership with the Community Kitchen, we offer daily prepared meal delivery for clients who benefit more from prepared meals. Meals are prepared by Community Kitchen and delivered to clients residing in the Bloomington area. For more information on Nutrition Links, please contact


Supportive Care exists in order to delay the progression of HIV disease among HIV positive individuals with substance use concerns by reducing the incidence of substance use. Clients with a history or existence of substance use concerns are encouraged to access Supportive Care. The program works with individuals to identify readiness to change patterns use, develop support and skills in order to decrease or eliminate use, and offer referrals for formalized substance abuse treatment. 

For more information, contact Emily Brinegar at