Senior Health and Wellness

As the population ages, more seniors are living independently in the community. Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital aims to help seniors obtain information about health and wellness. IU Health Bloomington Hospital hopes to optimize the quality of life for seniors living in the community by providing links to services offered by IU Health Bloomington as well as in Bloomington and Monroe County as well as with in the hospital.

If you would like further information on any of our services contact us at 812.353.5252.

IU Health Bloomington Services

Advance Directives

Include living wills and the appointment of a health care representative. If you should be unable to make decisions for yourself, you have a right to decide what medical treatments you receive and who may speak on your behalf.

Alzheimer’s Resource Service

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Alzheimer's Resource Service serves families and professional caregivers who live or work with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. Care for the caregiver is a primary mission of the center, and education, support, and resources are offered at no charge.

NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders)

NICHE is the leading nurse driven program designed to help hospitals improve the care of older adults. The vision of NICHE is for all patients 65 and over to be given sensitive and exemplary care. In 2012, Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital achieved the prestigious designation of becoming a NICHE hospital.  In 2015, IU Health Bloomington Hospital re-designated at the third highest designation level (out of four), Geriatric Friendly.  NICHE designation demonstrates the hospital commitment and continued progress in improving quality, enhancing the patient and family experience, and supporting the hospital or other healthcare organization's efforts to serve its communities.

At IU Health Bloomington Hospital the care of older adults has been improved by NICHE with:

  • Education presented to the staff related to care of older adults
  • Increased community awareness with a presence at the City of Bloomington “Creative Aging Festival” and the Monroe County Fair
  • Eight nurse completing an extensive Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN) course
  • Developing routine assessment of delirium on hospitalized patients, to prevent or intervene early with hospital acquired delirium
  • Representation IU Health Bloomington Hospital at the Geriatric Nursing Leadership Fellowship and presented at the Sigma Theta Tau International Conference
  • In the works is a Geriatric Conference (2016) and a proposal to add a Geriatrician to IU Health Southern Indiana Physicians Group

Aquatic Therapy

Our teams of rehabilitation therapists work one-on-one with injured or disabled patients to enhance their functional abilities. Aquatic therapy is available to a wide range of patients and has a multitude of benefits. 

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Assisted Medical Transport

Individuals in need of transportation assistance can schedule one of our six specially equipped vans to assist in traveling to and from Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital, a doctor's office, or another healthcare facility. Customers receive personal assistance to and from the van and are transferred to a responsible person at each destination.

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Balance & Fall Prevention

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine offers specialty care for individuals who have experienced loss of balance or recent falls. Occupational and physical therapists, in consultation with your physician, will establish an individualized treatment program to reduce your risk for future falls.

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This program is also offered by the therapists at IU Health Bloomington Home Care for those who are homebound.

IU Health Bloomington Hospital Behavioral Health

Offers inpatient and outpatient services from our staff of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurse practitioners, therapists, psychiatric nurses, counselors and support staff. Services include; psychiatric consultations, medical evaluations, psychoeducational groups, and more.

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IU Health Bloomington Hospital Cancer Services

IU Health Cancer Centers Bloomington provides multidisciplinary care, meeting the physical, spiritual and educational needs of the patient and family. We understand that a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event, and we’re working to change lives for the better every day, by advancing the art and science of medicine.

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Indiana University Health Diabetes Center

The Diabetes Center is equipped with skilled diabetes educators, dietitians and other professions, all eager to work with clients to learn about and manage the disease. Services include meal planning, self-management and prevention classes, support groups, insulin regulation and more.

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Community Mobility Evaluations

Community Mobility is a part of the Rehabilitation Services offered by IU Health. Driving Evaluations assess a person’s abilities while helping the individual and his or her loved ones make an informed decision regarding driving and operating a motor vehicle.

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Cardiovascular Services

From diagnosing the cause of chest pain, to cardiac surgery, to managing your condition and helping you get back on your feet with cardiopulmonary rehab, IU Health Cardiovascular Services offers one of the most comprehensive heart and vascular programs in south central Indiana.

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Home Care

As Monroe County’s only not-for-profit home health care provider, Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Home Care has more than 80 years of home health experience. We offer a comprehensive and advanced range of services provided by a qualified and professional staff including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, IV therapy, and enteral feeding therapy.

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Hospice House

IU Health Hospice House is the next step in the continuum of excellent care provided by IU Health Hospice in Bloomington. Patients can live their last days comfortably as their wishes for care are honored by hospice staff and their families.

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Home Safe Home™

The purpose of this program is to provide you with recommendations that may make it more feasible for you to stay in your home, safely, for long as possible. It may reduce the risk of the need for alternative living environments and the costs associated with these places.

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Hoosier RX

Helps many seniors in Indiana receive a partial refund for prescription drugs through Hoosier Rx. Our counselors can help you learn how.

Acute Rehab Unit

Physicians, nurses and therapists work collaboratively in this 21-bed unit to provide interdisciplinary care. Services include multiple levels of inpatient care and rehabilitation; an intensive therapy program; physical, occupational and speech therapy; integrated, interdisciplinary team approach; family-centered philosophy; and individualized, face-to-face pre-screening of all patients.

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Certified Primary Stroke Center

As a part of IU Health’s Neuroscience Services, the Stroke Center is dedicated to providing high quality stroke care. Our team has worked to streamline our processes and ensure consistent standards of care, so that no matter when someone comes to us experiencing a stroke, they receive the same level of high quality care. Whether it’s two in the afternoon or two in the morning, our team is prepared to care for you.

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IU Health Bloomington Hospital Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our Orthopedics & Neuroscience Unit is newly remodeled offering private rooms, a gym, and a health care team of nurses, bedside caregivers, and therapists dedicated to orthopedics. Choosing IU Health Bloomington Hospital means access to multidisciplinary care delivered on an individual basis.

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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Through our comprehensive range of services and integration with the area's largest healthcare network, we'll help you improve the overall safety and productivity of your workplace, while reducing costs for work-related health services. Services include assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of a variety of orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions for pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric clients.

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PLUS Card Program

Join the thousands of Bloomington residents who have taken advantage of Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital's Plus+Card program! The Plus+Card gives people age 55 and older valuable discounts on hospital services such as parking and sponsored community well checks. The best part? Memberships are now FREE.

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SHIP (State Health Insurance Program)

SHIP is a no-cost service that offers free advice about insurance for seniors. A SHIP counselor will help you learn what you need to know to make informed, confident decisions while offering you objective assistance to answer your questions about Medicare.

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Sleep Lab Services

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Sleep Lab Services is staffed by professionals and physicians experienced and registered in the treatment of sleep disorders. The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments to monitor sleep patterns, breathing, brainwaves, heart activity, and eye and muscle movements to help you get a better nights rest.

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Palliative Care

Palliative care is a specialized type of medical care for people with life-threatening illnesses with the goal of improving quality of life. Palliative care often focuses on alleviating pain and symptoms associated with illnesses, such as cancer, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, and ALS.

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Events Calendar

Search for classes easily and efficiently! IU Health Bloomington Hospital offers a range of classes from After Stroke care to Yoga Therapy on the hospitals Event Calendar.

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Financial Assistance

Today's health care can be expensive. New technologies, medicines and procedures provide life-changing results, but often at a cost that can seem quite overwhelming. In response, Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital offers multiple options for payment, as well as trained social work staff, grant and government program integration and excellent financial counselors.

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Community Services

Active Living Coalition

The Active Living Coalition strives to increase the number of people who engage in a healthy, physically active lifestyle through collaborative efforts on community events, research, networking and programming that leads to increased physical activity opportunities for all who reside in Monroe County.

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Volunteers in Medicine

Volunteers in Medicine provides no-cost care to the medically underserved in Monroe and Owen County. Services include; easily accessible healthcare, treatment for acute and chronic conditions, and health education.

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Parks & Recreation

Monroe County and the City of Bloomington both provide community health events as well as local health care resources. Information about Bloomington events and recreational programs makes it easy to find information and register online.

Monroe County YMCA

The YMCA offers resources and guidance to maintain or improve physical activity, health and wellness. Unique programs such as Cardiac Rehab to Diabetes Prevention and Adapted Activities including aquatics & dance promote life-long health and wellness.

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Area 10 Agency on Aging:

City of Bloomington Health & Wellness Resources

The City of Bloomington is committed to reaching out to form partnerships and coalitions leading to the improvement of individual health and wellness. The City of Bloomington promotes a healthy lifestyle for residents through access to quality health care and health promotion programs, and physical fitness and recreational opportunities.

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Commission on Aging

The Commission on Aging serves as a catalyst for improving public awareness of the senior and aging community. The intent is to promote solutions to problems and challenges within the community and celebrate the contributions of our older citizens.

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Twin Lakes Recreation Center

The Twin Lakes Recreation Center is your place, and you can customize your experience to fit your goals. If you need a break from the demands of work, home and family, make the TLRC a place to regroup and renew, so you’re able to offer the people in your life the very best of yourself.

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Active Aging Coalition

The Active Aging Coalition is a grassroots organization consisting of professionals, volunteers, caregivers, elders, and their families. Through monthly meetings and online discussions, we learn about each other's participation in the senior community, find ways to work together more efficiently, and increase our own understanding of available resources.

Stone Belt

Stone Belt believes in the uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination of every individual. Therefore, it is our mission, in partnership with the community, to prepare, empower and support persons with developmental disabilities and their families to participate fully in the life of the community.