Teen Options

Teen Options is a teen pregnancy and disease prevention program offered to all eighth grade students in the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC), private schools and at local community agencies who serve adolescents. It is funded by Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital.

The goals of Teen Options are:

  • To encourage and support sexual abstinence throughout the adolescent years, as a key in reducing teen pregnancy and health risks associated with early sexual involvement
  • To educate teens about the consequences of sexual activity and unprotected sexual intercourse, and encourage them to make healthy choices
  • To encourage parental involvement in adolescents’ decision-making and values development.
  • To encourage sexually active students to talk to their parents or a trusted adult to learn risk reduction strategies

The Teen Options program consists of five class sessions and is integrated into the health class during each health class rotation. The curriculum focuses on educating teens about sexuality issues and life skills development to assist teens in coping with peer pressure and making healthy decisions.

Teen Options Staff

Shelia Evans

Sheila Evans is the supervisor and community health educator who teaches and coordinates the program.