The Teen Options curriculum consists of sessions conducted over six days in MCCSC eighth grade health classes during each health class rotation.

The following is a general curriculum for a typical week:

Day 1: Pre-test, puberty, defining abstinence and sex, and statistics
Day 2: Reproductive anatomy, abstinence
Day 3: Sexually transmitted infections, refusal skills, homework assignment
Day 4: HIV/AIDS, peer pressure
Day 5: Preventing teen pregnancy, birth control facts
Day 6: Sexual/dating abuse, healthy relationships, internet safety, post-test

Download detailed lesson plans and handouts for each day of the Teen Options program.

During class sessions, students will be engaged by receiving educational material and may be asked to participate in group discussions, role plays, problem-solving, and question and answer sessions. The facilitators of Teen Options will encourage and motivate students to act in their own best interest by instilling the belief that they can use the information they have learned to guide them in making healthy choices.

Curricula material is pulled from Focus on Kids, an adolescent HIV risk reduction program; Draw the Line/Respect the Line: Setting Limits to Prevent HIV, STD, and Pregnancy; and Reducing the Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, HIV, and STDs.

Parents can choose to not have their child participate by filling out a form which is mailed home before the sex education classes begin; parents can choose for their child not to participate on certain days or for all the lessons.