How to Talk to Your Parents or Guardians

Talk the talk! Kids and adults can learn to talk things out. It’s normal for young people to feel strange talking to their parents about dating, relationships, and sex. But guess what? It’s even harder for your parents to start the conversation.

Someone has to make the first move, why not you? Remember, if you only talk to your friends about tough topics like sex, you may not be getting the right information. Try talking to your parents to get the straight scoop.

Ask these questions or others that you may have on your mind to get the conversation started:

The “To-the-Point” Approach

“Can we talk? I have a question about something we learned in sex ed class.”

The “Round-About” Approach

“This talk show had some teens on who had babies and the girls were only 13 years old. Do you think teens can be good parents?”

The “Wonder If” Approach

“I wonder if you can get pregnant the first time you have sex.”

The “I’ve Heard That” Approach

“I’ve heard that lots of kids have had sex by high school. Is that just a rumor?”

“I’ve heard that if you say no to sex, the person you like will break up with you. How do you say no to someone and not hurt their feelings?”

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