As an eighth grader in the MCCSC school system, you have the opportunity to participate in the Teen Options program during your health class.

Learn more about some of the topics that will be presented during the program:

FAQ’s about Teen Options

Why is the program a part of the health class?

Several years ago, there was concern about middle school students getting sexually transmitted diseases and not knowing how they got them. We developed a program to teach students about how to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs, as well as how to deal with peer pressure and relationships.

Are other eighth graders in the state going through the same program?

It depends on the school district. We have developed our own program for MCCSC specifically for six days of teaching, but other schools may have longer programs.

Will I be with the opposite sex in the class?

Yes. We do this so that males and females become comfortable talking about health issues together. When people begin dating, it is important to be able to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend about sexual limits, values, and other important topics.

What if I feel embarrassed? Do I have to talk in front of the other kids?

It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable, but we try to make it safe and comfortable for everyone. You are not required to answer questions out loud or give any personal information. You will have a chance to ask anonymous questions when we do the “question box.” If you feel really uncomfortable, we encourage you to talk to your parent/guardian or school counselor.

What kinds of activities will be doing in class?

We will be watching videos about puberty, abstinence, and STDs/HIV. We will play games, brainstorm ideas in groups, work with a partner to solve peer pressure scenarios, and other activities. We will be making a model of the male or female reproductive system. You will do activities related to dating and values. We will also be discussing teen pregnancy and dating/sexual abuse.