Comprehensive Worksite Wellness

At Indiana University Health LiveWell, worksite wellness is not just a program---it is the way successful organizations do business.

IU Health Worksite Wellness – LiveWell will:               

  • Assess your needs, align interventions with your goals, and fit your budget
  • Empower your employees to accept responsibility for their individual health
  • Improve the overall health of your population, report outcomes, enhance the bottom-line

Leveraging the vast resources of IU Health, customized programs and sophisticated engaging design are our standard.

Our products and services include:

Know Your Numbers

  • On-site Biometric Screening:
    • Lipid Panel: Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, Cholesterol/HDL Ratio.
    • Blood Glucose: A fasting blood glucose test measures the total amount of glucose in the blood.
    • Hemoglobin A1c (A1c): The level of hemoglobin A1c in the blood is used to determine the average blood sugar concentrations for the preceding two to three months.
    • Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries and veins.
    • Waist Circumference: Measuring waist circumference helps screen for possible health risks that are consistent with fat around the waist such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.
    • Body Mass Index (BMI): BMI is calculated using a weight-to-height ratio, and is a good gauge of risk for diseases that can occur with excess body fat. 
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA): 
    • A health risk assessment (HRA) is a health questionnaire used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks and quality of life. This is completed after the conclusion of the screening.
  • Executive Aggregate Report: 
    • A report of cumulative results from screening that are reviewed with the employer within weeks of completing the screening. From this detail of findings, IU Health will outline the key indicators for improvement and recommendations for worksite wellness initiatives.
  • Physician Kit:
    • Physician kit documents are completed by the individual’s primary care provider to record biometric data.  Data is included in participant’s Health Risk Assessment (HRA). It is recommended that the physician visit and biometric data be obtained within the previous 6 months. 

*Fingerstick Protocol: IU Health Occupational Services uses trained medical assistants to administer fingerstick testing. Tests are processed onsite and are pre-diagnostic; results do not represent a diagnosis. If results are high and considered critical, participants are counseled on site to contact their primary care provider. The employee will also receive a follow-up phone call within 24 hours of the critical referral.   

*Results Consult: Fingerstick protocol provides immediate results. These immediate results are advantageous in that participants can receive instruction on optimal ranges of each test; the risk indicated when results are out of range and get answers to their questions as well as advise on risk reduction. 

  • Well Check:
    • Quarterly or monthly blood pressure and body fat percentage screenings completed on-site.

Employee Engagement: Improve Your Numbers

  • Wellness Campaign:
    • Includes a Lifestyle Academy topic and strategic engagement for participant’s gradual gain of skills for ultimate sustainability.
  • Lifestyle Academy:
    • Focused health and wellness presentations completed in various time lengths. Participants will be educated and build skills for the future.
  • Coaching – Change occurs in groups, (family, work groups, teams). Real sustainable change is more likely to occur in a program that offers not only education but also tips and tools to begin and to reinforce along the way. 
    • Online: Fun dynamic workshops complete with online coaches offers great accessibility for the participant. Workshops last 10-12 weeks for the greatest sustainability and are available individually or in a group setting. Topics include: creating calm & resilience, learning to love exercise, gaining power over food, breaking tobacco addiction, living well with diabetes, and managing alcohol use. Online coaching can be supported by accountability coaching.
    • Accountability Coaching: One-on-one accountability coaching is available to support those doing the online workshops. This can be telephonic or in person (2 hour minimum) or telephonically (15 minute intervals).
    • One-on-one: Designed to facilitate a participant’s opportunity to grow, learn and achieve health and lifestyle goals through individual health coaching.  Sustained small change for a lifetime of improved, conscious living is the goal of One-On-One coaching; optimal health and quality of life are the outcome measurements.
    • Core: Individual 20 minute follow up to the biometric screening, this session uses the health risk assessment, combined with the metabolic results and, when available, trend reports. A health coach facilitates goal setting for improved HDL cholesterol, blood glucose and BMI. An action plan is crafted and individuals are empowered to commence healthier lifestyle behaviors.  This session capitalizes on the intention of the screening event to “Improve Your Numbers.”  A follow up 6 month biometric screening and or additional core consultation can be arranged for additional charge.
    • Group: Small group coaching provides the convenience of participating at work and the synergistic context of colleagues supporting and reinforcing each other for improved health behaviors and ultimately improved biometric results. Focus is on improving biometric numbers and topics of discussion range from the social, environmental, emotional, and physical dimensions of health. Goal setting, action planning, resource and asset identification, as well as motivational interviewing techniques and tools are leveraged for individual success. Group coaching is an ideal way to support online coaching options.

Wellness Foundation: Planning Policies and Promotion

  • Communication Plan:
    • Varies in scope and in breadth to educate and promote programming (newsletters, targeted email/mailings).
  • Wellness Consultation:
    • Comprehensive program planning including discussions about population segmentation, target marketing, scheduling, and policy. Focused measurement and evaluation are cornerstones of wellness consultation.

Foundation Resources: Wellness Made Easy  

  • Wellness Portal: (Available only in combination with Wellness Foundation, Wellness Consultation) The portal is a product branded with the organization’s, colors, logo and messaging that allows strategic access to activity calendars, wellness news, and announcements.
  • Healthy Activity Tracker: 
    • Participants can record health activities, aerobic miles, and log biometric data. This online program tracks progress toward health goals, generates personal reports that summarize progress, and logs points for completed health activities.
  • Appointment Plus: 
    • Adds convenience for larger companies to schedule screening and program appointments online. Recommended for businesses larger than 30 employees.
  • Incentive and Participation Tracking:
    • Infrastructure to track participation and apply incentive rewards.


Contact one of our Wellness Strategists for more information to design your wellness initiative. Working with you individually or in partnership with your Insurance Broker or Third Party Administrator, we will add value to your organization’s culture and overall health.

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