Nursing Excellence

Nurses are a critical link in our collaborative health care environment. Each is unique. I have met nurses that thrive on the high energy atmosphere in the emergency department, as well as those who prefer longer one-on-one relationships with cancer patients. The pieces of personality that make us different, also make us better nurses. At Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital, we work with the latest technology, and yet do not forget that people make the ultimate difference.

I’m Ruth Ann Morris, and as the Chief Nursing Officer I have the privilege of working with some of the most passionate and talented nurses you will find anywhere. Together, we believe the best care is holistic, compassionate and preserves the uniqueness and dignity of each patient.

Many nurses I meet, both inside and outside of IU Health Bloomington Hospital, think they are pretty special.I think they are right.

I am proud to be a nurse. I am especially proud to be a IU Health Bloomington Hospital nurse, and share the passion and dedication I see in those caring for our patients every single day.

This day may be the day you decide to join us. From one nurse to another, I say welcome.


Ruth Ann Morris,
Chief Nursing Officer

Our Guiding Principles
IU Health Bloomington Hospital nursing will create a healing and nurturing environment where nursing care givers thrive and excel in delivering exceptional care for every patient. Our professional nursing practice embraces autonomy, empowerment and accountability. We are most effective as a team and collectively committed to life long learning and opportunities to improve. Nursing leaders, at all levels of the organization, display the forces of magnetism and support the Shared Governance Model of decision making.