Nurse Residency Program

Intended for new graduate nurses in direct care roles in the acute care hospital setting, the New Nurse Residency Program is a series of learning and support experiences designed to assist recent graduates as they transition into their first professional role. The program provides support and learning opportunities from completion of orientation through the end of the first year of professional practice. It enhances professional development and helps provide new nurses with tools and support needed to succeed as a direct care nurse.
The program features three main components: support from Nursing leadership, education with peers and mentoring.

Benefits of the program

  • Support from experienced staff, leadership and peers through your first year of practice.
  • Dedicated, trained mentors for guidance and support throughout the program.
  • Structured educational experiences designed to develop competence in clinical nursing practice.
  • Membership in a supportive cohort that allows for professional growth in a safe, protected environment.

Criteria for eligibility

All nurses who enroll must meet the following criteria:

  • a recent graduate from an accredited nursing program,
  • a member of a participating unit,
  • have successfully completed at least 6 weeks of unit specific orientation, and
  • have a willingness to commit to full participation in the program.

All new nurses with fewer than six months of experience will automatically be enrolled after completing at least six weeks of orientation. Nurses with more than six months of experience are not eligible.

For more information

Contact Pam Adams, Clinical Manager of Clinical Education & Practice and Nurse Residency Program Coordinator, at 812.353.5153.