Nursing Philosophy


It is the mission of Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Nursing to provide holistic, compassionate, and skilled care to every patient, while preserving their dignity and acknowledging their uniqueness.


As members of the nursing staff at IU Health Bloomington Hospital we believe that patient centered care delivered by a collaborative team using the evidence based practice will produce the best patient outcomes. Our care will address the patient's physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs and value and respect the patient's right to participate and make responsible decisions about treatments. We will be passionate about patient care and safety, be excited about being part of IU Health Bloomington Hospital nursing and deliver ever-improving nursing care as measured by nursing dashboards.


IU Health Bloomington Hospital believes nursing is a scientific discipline that takes a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of potential and actual responses to illnesses. The goal of nursing is to lessen the effects of illness, promoting comfort and healing and assisting patients whether that is an optimum state of health or a dignified death.

Nursing will

  • Strengthen its practice through a commitment to innovation and research based theories
  • Accept professional accountability to patients, families, and the communites
  • Believe that we best serve through collaboration with other health care professionals who join with us in treating and advocating for those who need our nursing service
  • Recognize the uniqueness and cultural diversity of each person, and respect, protect, and advocate for the individual's right to self-determination, self-expression, confidentiality and dignity
  • Value the relationships that we build which have an inherent capacity to promote health, healing and wholeness
  • Commit ourselves to support, acknowldge and nurture one another, thereby creating an environment of mutual respect and caring

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Trust: "We can count on each other."
Excellence: "We do our best at all times and look for ways to do even better."
Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and mistakes."
Mutual Respect: "We treat everyone with respect and compassion."

Guiding Principles

IU Health Bloomington Hospital nursing will create a healing and nurturing environment where nursing care givers thrive and excel in delivering exceptional care for every patient. Our professional nursing practice embraces autonomy, empowerment and accountability. We are most effective as a team and collectively committed to life long learning and opportunities to improve. Nursing leaders, at all levels of the organization, display the forces of magnetism and support the Shared Governance Model of decision making.
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The American Nurses Association's Bill of Rights for Registered Nurses

Registered nurses promote and restore health, prevent illness, and protect the people entrusted to their care. They work to alleviate the suffering experienced by individuals, families, groups, and communities. In so doing, nurses provide services that maintain respect for human dignity and embrace the uniqueness of each patient and the nature of his or her health problems, without restriction in regard to social or economic status. To maximize the contributions nurses make to society, it is necessary to protect the dignity and autonomy of nurses in the workplace. To that end, the following rights must be afforded:

  • Nurses have the right to practice in a manner that fulfills their obligations to society and to those who receive nursing care.
  • Nurses have the right to practice in environments that allow them to act in accordance with professional standards and legally authorized scopes of practice.
  • Nurses have the right to a work environment that supports and facilitates ethical practice, in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Nurses and its interpretive statements.
  • Nurses have the right to freely and openly advocate for themselves and their patients, without fear of retribution.
  • Nurses have the right to fair compensation for their work, consistent with their knowledge, experience, and professional responsibilities.
  • Nurses have the right to a work environment that is safe for themselves and their patients
  • Nurses have the right to negotiate the conditions of their employment, either as individuals or collectively, in all practice settings.

Disclaimer: The American Nurses Association (ANA) is a national professional association. ANA policies reflect the thinking of the nursing profession on various issues and should be reviewed in conjunction with state association policies and state board of nursing policies and practices. State law, rules, and regulations govern the practice of nursing. The ANA's "Bill of Rights for Registered Nurses" contains policy statements and does not necessarily reflect rights embodied in state and federal law. ANA policies may be used by the state to interpret or provide guidance on the profession's position on nursing.

Adopted by the ANA Board of Directors: June 26, 2001