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IU Health Bloomington Hospital Behavioral Health Outpatient Services
445 South Landmark Avenue, Bloomington, IN
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Our outpatient services provide care with minimal disruption to an individual's life. We offer:

  • Psychiatric consultation and medication evaluation
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Individual psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups

The care we offer is as individual as the people we serve. Treatment includes medical and psychosocial evaluation, medical management, and individual, group and family therapy. Participants develop healthy goals and ways to reach them, with an emphasis on preventing relapse of emotional distress. Even individuals in great distress may be able to function well in some area of their lives. Outpatient treatment preserves family routine and eliminates the disruption associated with hospitalization.

Referrals are made by private therapists, physicians, social service agencies and other sources. Candidates are evaluated to determine which program is appropriate for their situations.

For information about free (or low cost) local support groups, please visit the following websites. You may also call "211" and a representative can provide you with the information.

Psychiatric Consultation and Medication Evaluation

Our board-certified psychiatrists and nurse practitioners provide diagnostic assessments, evaluations and recommendations for treatment. With the assistance of our registered nurses, they offer ongoing follow-up, telephone consultation for individuals between appointments, and networking with referring professionals.
Intensive Outpatient Program

We have designed our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to assist individuals who do not require hospitalization, but can benefit from participation in a structured therapeutic program to address physiatrist needs in a supportive, caring environment. The IOP offers group therapy and educational groups to help individuals develop coping skills, improve their mental health and their ability to function in daily life.

Group Components:

  • Help recognize personal strengths and problem areas
  • Gain greater understanding of the relationships between thought and behavior
  • Set immediate and long-term goals
  • Develop structured homework assignments
  • Help change emotions and behaviors

Individual Psychotherapy and Psychoeducational Groups

Individual and group sessions led by licensed therapists are available both days and evenings for individuals with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and more.

Inpatient Services


IU Health Bloomington Hospital Behavioral Health Inpatient Services
601 West Second Street, Bloomington, IN

Access Center

Our Access Center serves callers by providing for an assessment of the presenting problem(s), and helping to identify the correct level and type of care needed by the patient. In the event that acute inpatient hospitalization is appropriate the Access Counselor will help make the process occur smoothly. The counselor will clarify what to bring for hospitalization, describe the process, and work to verify payer source and help with pre-certification when necessary. During times of intense stress and difficulty the counselor will serve as the person to help in getting the patient admitted to the hospital. In the event another level of service is needed, the counselor will assist the caller in getting connected with the correct type of care as well.

Acute Inpatient Hospitalization

Acute inpatient care and services are provided to individuals experiencing a crisis in their lives that has resulted in their inability to function successfully on a daily basis. The person may be a danger to him/her self or find it difficult to control angry and aggressive impulses. In some cases their inability to function adequately may be due to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression and related affective disorders.

Our caring and well-trained clinical team (psychiatrists, psychologist, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, recreation therapists and support staff) will assess the problems, develop with the patient an individualized plan of care, and work together as a team to restore functioning and meet the patient's needs. Being away from home and familiar surroundings can be difficult, and we recognize this. We therefore work with the patient, family and other support systems from the day of admission to plan successfully for discharge back to the community. Follow-up care is an important aspect of this and is arranged prior to discharge.