Cardiovascular Services


Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Cardiovascular Services is prepared with innovative and advanced technology and a staff of expert physicians and medical professionals to care for you.

From diagnosing the cause of chest pain, to cardiac surgery, to managing your condition and helping you get back on your feet with cardiopulmonary rehab, IU Health Cardiovascular Services offers one of the most comprehensive heart and vascular programs in south central Indiana.

We offer open-heart surgery, angioplasty, stent placement, and cardiac catheterization as well as several other state-of-the-art services.

Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease

For a person having chest pain, rapid response is critical to determine the cause. Treatment begins the minute paramedics arrive at the scene or the patient enters IU Health Emergency Services in Bloomington.

With the latest innovative technologies, our staff of physicians and medical professionals works to quickly and accurately diagnose your heart condition. At IU Health Cardiovascular Services in Bloomington, you have access to many advanced diagnostic tests and equipment.

Cardiovascular Surgery & Recovery

While the art and science of cardiovascular medicine is advancing to include many non-invasive procedures and treatments, sometimes cardiovascular surgery is necessary. In Bloomington, 11 board-certified cardiologists and 13 board-certified cardiothoracic surgeons, as well as a team of nurses, technologists and other health professionals, care for patients and help them make an individualized plan for the treatment of their cardiovascular disease.

Our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons provide a full continuum of cardiovascular care through non-invasive procedures, such as angioplasty and stent placement; and open-heart surgeries, including coronary artery bypass procedures.

Patients recovering from cardiovascular surgery have a special dedicated unit within IU Health Bloomington Hospital – the Cardiovascular Recovery Unit (CVR). Immediately following surgery, patients are closely monitored with advanced telemetry equipment. As patients recover, portable monitors are available so they can move around on their own in preparation of leaving the hospital.


One of the main goals of IU Health Bloomington Hospital's Cardiovascular Services is to provide education to our patients. We know that many of the things happening to you and many of the words used may be new and confusing. We strive to help you understand your condition and encourage you and your loved ones to ask questions if anything is ever unclear.

During your stay at IU Health Bloomington Hospital after cardiovascular surgery or experiencing a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack, you will be visited by a member of our IU Health Bloomington Hospital Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation program. In this visit, you will be presented with a binder of educational information called our Heart Owners Manual.

In the manual are many easy to read and understand explanations of tests and procedures, as well as information about what to expect after leaving the hospital and getting back to your normal routine. An IU Health Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation member will review the information in this binder with you and can provide education specific to your condition as well as answer any questions you may have.

While a medical expert can help you understand the technical aspects of your cardiovascular disease, it also helps to have someone who has been through the same experience. The IU Health Bloomington Hospital Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation volunteer program provides just this for any cardiovascular patient at IU Health Bloomington Hospital. Caring, dedicated volunteers who have each been through cardiovascular surgery or a cardiac event can be paired with a new patient experiencing the same ailment. The IU Health Bloomington Hospital Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation volunteer can empathize with your anxieties and concerns, and is available to offer support and assistance regarding common reactions and non-medical questions you may have.

Blue Distinction Center Designation

In 2012 Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital was designated as a Blue Distinction Center by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the area of cardiac care. Blue Distinction Center certification is awarded only to select programs that emphasize best-practice care and achieve excellent outcomes. Blue Distinction Centers demonstrate better quality care and improved outcomes for patients, with lower rates of complications following certain cardiac procedures and lower rates of healthcare associated infections compared with their peers.


VHA, a healthcare provider alliance of more than 2,400 not-for-profit hospitals nationwide, recently announced IU health Bloomington Hospital as a recipient of the 2006 Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence for achieving higher than 90 percent compliance on each quality indicator related to heart attack in the third quarter of 2005.

Overall, we averaged 98 percent compliance with all indicators.

“This is a great honor. Our teams work diligently to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care available. This award recognizes their work at a national level,” says LeAnne Horn, director of Quality Improvement and the hospital’s patient safety officer.

According to VHA, “the VHA Leadership Awards recognize VHA member organizations that have differentiated themselves by demonstrating extraordinary levels of performance in clinical excellence…”

Representatives from the hospital traveled to St. Louis in May to attend the national VHA Leadership Conference during which IU Health Bloomington Hospital was recognized as a winner of the Leadership Award.

“We want to extend congratulations to all of our staff who work each day to care for heart attack patients. We are proud to have you on our team and because of you, we are able to offer our south central Indiana community premier cardiac care,” says Horn.