Health Plan

SIHO Insurance Services administers the Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital self-insured health plan. This keeps health care local, as SIHO is based in southern Indiana and offers walk-in service centers in Bloomington and other regional areas.

Members of this plan have unique services not offered anywhere else.


The Indiana University Health Bloomington plan is a PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization plan. The PPO is a group of physicians, hospitals, and other providers that have agreed to provide services at discounted rates. Benefits are payable at a higher level for services received from a provider who participates in the PPO Network and such services will be considered to be In-Network. SIHO reports it has the most comprehensive proprietary provider network in Indiana, spanning more than 9,000 providers and 65 hospitals. Services received from a provider who does not participate in the PPO Network will be considered Out-of-Network and benefits will be reduced. SIHO’s Member Services Department can provide a listing of PPO Network Providers, or visit the SIHO online provider directory.

Coverage begins after 60 days of employment. New employees have 30 days from their date of hire to enroll. Other opportunities to enroll occur on an annual basis through a process called Open Enrollment, usually in the fall for the upcoming plan year or through a qualifying event.

Dependent coverage is offered to those who meet eligibility requirements and can provide documentation of the relationship such as marriage, birth, or adoption.