Time Away

Eligible employees working full or part time accrue paid time off hours every pay period. Paid Time Off or PTO combines vacation, sick, holiday, and personal pay benefits. Upon leaving the hospital, any remaining PTO in the employee’s bank is paid out at 100%of the current hourly wage. The hospital offers a variety of programs for using this important benefit.



  • PTO can be used through scheduled absences, or unscheduled absences. A scheduled absence is requested in advance and gives the supervisor and opportunity to approve or deny the request. Unscheduled PTO is used when an employee is expected to be at work, but does not come in because of circumstances such as sickness or vehicle breakdown.
  • For a complete description of PTO usage and a table specifying the accumulation schedule, refer to the HR Paid Time Off Policy.
  • Employees working under PRN, Platinum or Temporary categories are not eligible for paid time off (PTO).
  • Employees may use the Secure Remote Access Option of Employee Portal to check current PTO balances.


  • Instead of using PTO to take time off, employees may “cash-in” PTO in a program called CPTO. Employees are paid for PTO hours at 100% of their standard hourly rate. To take advantage of this option, employees must declare how much PTO they wish to cash in every year during the annual open enrollment period. Throughout the year, employees may cash in PTO hours as it becomes available. Only PTO accrued in the current year can be cashed in. Once an employee makes a CPTO declaration, it cannot be changed. Any PTO not cashed out by the end of the year will be paid out on the final calendar year paycheck. Employees who do not elect to participate in the annual CPTO enrollment who still wish to cash in accrued PTO may do so. However; federal regulations require that a substantial penalty be assessed. Bloomington Hospital has determined that the penalty shall be 20%.
  • To check CPTO balances and availability, employees should call Payroll at 353.9532


  • Employees may also choose to convert their PTO benefit into additional pay by having a differential amount of 11% for each hour worked. This decision can only be made during the annual open enrollment. Employees who select Pay in Lieu of PTO (PILOPTO) will have no paid time off benefits. Once enrolled in PILOPTO, program participation carries over from year to year, annual reenrollment is not necessary. Employees can opt out of PILOPTO anytime during the year and begin to accrue PTO again.


  • The PTO donation program allows employees experiencing a medical emergency to continue to receive pay by requesting donation of PTO hours from fellow employees. Employees who are enrolled in the PILOPTO program are not eligible. After all available PTO and Sick bank time has been used for an unplanned illness in either the employee or a dependant/spouse of the employee, the employee may request PTO donation. The PTO donation request form can be obtained from Human Resources. Employees who wish to donate PTO will need to complete the Application to Donate PTO, also available in Human Resources. A committee is in place to oversee the PTO donation program.


  • The Cash in Paid Time Off for Medical Emergency program allows employees to cash in paid time off without incurring a 20% penalty, in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Learn More...HR Policy – CPTO Medical Emergency



  • To support employees experiencing a loss, Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital provides paid bereavement leave. For example, a full time employee who loses a parent or sibling will be paid for their scheduled work days/hours, up to a maximum of 40-hours, within seven consecutive calendar days from when they first miss work due to the family member loss. Employees must notify their supervisor as quickly as possible when bereavement leave is needed; a form is not required. Many specifics apply to calculation of bereavement leave; refer to the policy to learn more.
  • Learn More...HR Policy – Bereavement leave

Employees may need to be away from work for an extended period of time because of military duties, illness or personal needs. At IU Health Bloomington Hospital the following kinds of leaves are offered:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Military
  • Educational
  • Personal

Different kinds of leave provide different benefits to the employee.
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