For Students

Student Placement Services

2014 Health Career Camp

June 9 - 13 from 9 am - 2 pm
714 S. Rogers Street Classroom 2
Cost: $30
Call 812.353.5780 to register

Local high school students entering grades 10, 11 or 12 are invited to this week-long look at healthcare careers at IU Health Bloomington Hospital. Only the first 28 campers willing to commit to all five days of this experience will be able to participate. Registration begins on April 1, and there is a registration fee of $30. Please call Lisa Nguyen, Healthcare Recruiter at 812.353.5780 to register.


Follow-A-Physician: Are you interested in becoming a doctor? At IU Health Bloomington Hospital, we are happy to let you shadow a physician or nurse practitioner in our facility.

Shadowing: Shadowing is an observational experience for a period of 25 hours or less. This experience allows you to observe a healthcare professional in his/her work setting and ask them career related questions. You will not be able to perform any patient care related duties, instead you are able to watch and ask questions for a short period of time.

Internships: An Internship is a limited "hands-on" or "project-related" experience in one department for more than 25 hours. Please note that all Bloomington Hospital internships are non-paid, but meet credit requirements at local establishments of higher learning.

Clinicals: A clinical student is defined as a college or university student enrolled in an approved class and supervised by a program clinical instructor. College or university program clinical instructor arranges placements.

Volunteering: IU Health Bloomington Hospital benefits from many dedicated volunteers who help with tasks such as welcoming patients, delivering mail and more. Volunteers are not necessarily students, and are not paid. Please note that volunteers do not have special access to patient care areas or expertise. 

Current IU Health Bloomington Employee: If you are a current IU Health Bloomington employee seeking a shadowing or internship experience or made clinical arrangements, please fill out the Employee Data Form and submit to Student Placement Services.