LiveWell Employee Wellness

The LiveWell employee wellness program is an incentive-based wellness program for hospital employees.

The LiveWell program is divided into four themed quarters each year. You can elect to participate in as many quarters as you want. Each quarter you can earn points for wellness activities. If you earn 500 points or more you can earn a $50 gift card that can be used at over 350 vendors. Please note, the gift card is considered a taxable fringe benefit and the appropriate tax will be added to your paycheck.

Check out the LiveWell Quarterly Brochure for all the activities available this quarter.

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If this is your first time participating in the Employee Wellness Program (LiveWell) you need to Create a Wellness Portal Account to enroll.

Once you are in the portal – you will have access to all the resources such as the Online Wellness Center, Online Interventions, Streaming health videos and the Health Activity Tracker.

If you wish to participate in the incentive program, you will need to log your wellness activities in the Health Activity Tracker in the Wellness portal.

Check out the LiveWell Quarterly Activities Brochure for all the activities you can participate in. Each activity is given a point value. If you log 500 points or more per quarter, then you are eligible for a $50 gift card.

Please contact theLiveWell staff if you have questions:  

Leslie Kaiser