Compensation Glossary

Non-Exempt: Employees who earn an hourly wage and are eligible for overtime, shift and weekend differentials.

Exempt: Employees who are salaried and are not eligible for overtime, shift or weekend differentials.

Platinum Plan: Upon agreeing to work as a Platinum employee, an increased rate of pay is given for all hours worked in exchange for reduced levels of benefits.
Overtime: Hours worked over 40 in a workweek are considered overtime. Any hours worked over 40 will be paid at 1.5 times the employee’s adjusted hourly pay rate.

Nurse Intern: Nursing students may be offered a Nurse Intern position during the summer prior to their final year of coursework. After completion of the summer program, the student may continue employment as a Patient Care Technician, but will keep the Nurse Intern hourly rate.

Relevant Experience: The intent of relevant experience is to recognize the credible years of work experience that may be directly or partially relevant to the current position. Previous years of experience that are not relevant to the current role are not eligible for any years of experience credit. Relevant experience must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Supervisor: An individual who is the first level of supervision on a full-time basis. This is usually an employee with responsibility for direct supervision of a segment of a department or facility on a particular shift. The Supervisor reports to the next level of management and may be accountable for budgetary decisions. The Supervisor is responsible for appropriate follow-up and intervention when standards of quality are not met. This individual usually reports to a Manager or Director.

Manager: An individual who is in charge of the facility, a department, or a distinct operation or unit of a department on a regular basis. This individual has 24-hour responsibility and is usually accountable for budgetary decisions. This individual usually reports to a Director.

Director: An individual with responsibility for the overall operations of an entire department or multiple departments of a facility. This individual has 24-hour responsibility, the authority to make recommendations in all areas of employment issues and usually reports directly to a member of the Senior Leadership Group. A Director is selected for employment by a Vice-President with the concurrence of the President.