Request Your Medical Records

Health Information Management Services, also called HIMS, fulfills requests for medical records. This process is often called a “release of information.”

There are three ways to request your medical record:

  1. Your doctor can call or fax a request for your medical records. All requested records will be sent directly to the office. (There is no charge for this service.)
  2. Your attorney can submit a request to have the records delivered to their office. This is necessary for the records to be admissible in court. (Please note there is a fee for this service, including an additional Stat fee if the request requires immediate processing within 24 hours.)
  3. You can request the records yourself. (Please note there is a charge to fulfill a direct request.) To request your records, please follow the steps in the following section.

To personally request a copy of your medical record, follow these steps:

  1. Fax (812.353.9298) or mail your completed Authorization for the Release of Information form along with a legible copy of your state-issued photo identification. If you prefer, you may bring the completed authorization to the HIMS/Medical Records office at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital and request your records in person. (Bring photo identification with you.)
  2. HIMS staff will verify your identification* and inform you of the nominal processing charge based on the number of pages requested (see fee schedule below). If your request is not in person, you will be notified of the fee by mail.
  3. Once we receive your payment for records, they will be ready for pick up or mailed in four working days. You may expedite your request for an additional fee as stated above.

*If we are unable to verify your signature with that on file or your photo ID is not legible, we reserve the right to require a notarized signature or resubmission of legible photo identification.

As outlined by Indiana Administrative Code 760, as of February 2006, the fee for the processing of medical records is as follows:

Labor charges and the first (1-10) pages $20.00
Per page 11-50 $.50
Each additional page (50+) $.25
Certified Medical Record $20.00
Start Request fee for 2nd business day service $10.00

Postage cost will be added to the above fees for mailed medical records.