Expiration of IRB Approval

Continuing Reviews

While the IRB Office makes every effort to notify the Principal Investigator (PI) of the need to renew the approval of existing research studies, ultimate responsibility lies with the PI to make sure his/her study approvals do not expire or lapse.

The forms for continuing reviews are located on the Forms page.

  • Approval will be granted for up to one year. However, studies involving more than minimal risk may require continuing review at a shorter interval.
  • Studies that initially received full board review will continue to receive full board review for the duration of the project, unless the scope of the study changes such that it would qualify for a lower level of review.
  • Investigators of exempt research projects are required to notify the IRB Office when they want to make changes to their project or when their project is completed.

Timeframe for Continuing Reviews

The timeframe varies based on the level of review required; generally, it will take approximately one month for a continuing review to be initially reviewed.

Failure to Review

If a study does not receive approval from the IRB to continue the research prior to the expiration date, the investigator will receive notification. Once a study expires, all research activities must stop, including enrollment of new participants, interaction with current participants, and analysis of identifiable data. An expired study may be reactivated within 6 months with submission of the continuing review documents, any new information related to the study and a memo from the PI explaining:

  • How the expiration occurred;
  • what (if any) research was conducted during the expiration; and
  • what will be done to preclude recurrence.

To reactivate a study after 6 months, a new application will be required.