Occupational Health

At Indiana University Health, we provide comprehensive services to help maintain employee health and treat workplace injuries. We improve employee wellness and reduce healthcare costs through our consultation and coaching services. We can help you reduce the risk for employee injuries, find solutions to employee health problems and teach your employees how to live healthy lifestyles.

Our occupational health providers have years of experience diagnosing and treating on-the-job injuries. As part of IU Health, your employees have access to the largest healthcare system in Indiana, including experts in orthopedics, neurology and rehabilitation. Our physical therapists have advanced training in the rehabilitation of work-related injuries so employees have optimal recovery outcomes.

Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Occupational Health is Monroe County's most comprehensive provider of work-related healthcare services. We offer a full range of worksite wellness services to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and help employers manage their health-related costs.

Because we specialize in occupational health, we take the time to understand the specific needs of your business and formulate practical solutions. From our on-site compliance and safety audits to centralized billing services, we work with you to design a customized occupational health program for your company.

Contact our Indiana University Health Business Solutions team at 812.353.2779 to schedule a consultation. 

Worksite Wellness

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We partner with employers to:

  • Build a culture of health that improves the attitudes and behaviors of your workforce
  • Craft a health management solution that works for you based on your needs, goals and budget
  • Improve the health of your population and report outcomes

We function as an accountable business partner that tracks our own performance, not a wellness vendor who only provides services.

Our products and services include:

  • Assessment and strategic design. We provide an objective assessment of the current state of your company around wellness. Information gathered from the organizational assessment drives the development of the strategic plan that delivers the best results for your company over time.
  • Population health assessment. The health status and well-being of individuals and populations are measured through a validated questionnaire assessing dimensions of health and safety behaviors. The survey measures physical functioning as well as social, emotional and mental health and is provided to individuals and reported to the employer as an aggregate for program planning.
  • Health coaching interventions. A health coach is a partner who provides the structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable people to learn, grow and develop beyond what they can do alone. Our certified health coaches build personal relationships with your employees by asking insightful questions that lead to powerful conversations.
  • Health engagement and education. Through our programs you can provide direct assistance to employees by offering fun ways to engage, learn new strategies and make lasting healthy changes. We offer workshops, seminars, behavior change programs and action campaigns.
  • Wellness coordination services. A wellness coordinator, who will be assigned to your site, will get to know and understand your organization and serve as a liaison between the company and the vast resources of IU Health and the community.

Occupational Health Services

IU Health Bloomington Hospital Occupational Health helps you maintain your workforce and provides services for a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, services are available to help injured employees return to productive employment through cost-effective rehabilitative services.

Services include:

  • Worker's compensation management
  • Immunizations
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Hearing screenings
  • Vision testing
  • Comprehensive, integrated service program
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Physical exams
  • Lab services
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) examinations
  • On-site mobile health coach
  • Healthmobile

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety services through IU Health Bloomington Hospital Occupational Health can help you with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance while decreasing workers' compensation costs and mitigating risks.

Services include:

  • Industrial hygiene services. Industrial hygiene services protect your workforce from chemical and physical exposures. Industrial hygiene is not only required, but it improves your productivity, raises worker morale and decreases turnover.
  • Consulting services. These services include noise monitoring, air monitoring, ventilation survey and quantitative and qualitative respirator fit testing.
  • Ergonomic services. Ergonomic services include a free walk-through needs evaluation, post offer functional screens, job description assistance, job coaching, job site analysis, education classes, back pain education, cumulative trauma, stretching and flexibility.
  • Workplace training programs. These include respiratory protection (required annually by OSHA), hearing conservation (required annually if you must comply with the Hearing Conservation Standard), hazard communication (required annually by OSHA), emergency response, toxicology and chemical-specific training (required if hazards are possible).

We customize our services and training programs to meet your business and employee needs.

Mobile Health Services

Our Mobile Health Coach brings healthcare to you via a 40-foot occupational health clinic on wheels, saving time and money by coming directly to your business. Staffed by occupational health specialists, this mobile health clinic provides on-site services throughout Indiana. The coach is provided by the Bloomington Hospital Foundation.

All mobile services can be customized for your industry and work group. Our on-site mobile services include:

  • Special exams such as DOT physicals and OSHA compliance exams
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG)
  • X-ray services
  • Evidential breath testing
  • Audiometric testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing
  • Spirometry
  • Urine drug screens and collections
  • Flu shots
  • Health fairs and educational programs

On-site Medical Care

Many employers, who view reducing healthcare costs and improving employee health as top priorities, are turning to IU Health Business Solutions to create on-site medical care solutions for their employees.

We provide on-site medical care including:

  • Other services can potentially be developed to assist your company by utilizing the expertize of the IU Health System.
  • Occupational care

Your solution starts with a comprehensive needs and goals assessment followed by a solution to effectively engage employees in improving their health, reducing overall healthcare costs and providing a demonstrable high return-on-investment.

Each custom designed staff model may include a combination of:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Registered nurses
  • Physical and/or occupational therapists
  • Medical assistants
  • Administrative assistants

Beyond the staffing solution, on-site care can include providing these additional services:

  • Pharmacy (on-site dispensary and mail order)
  • Laboratory
  • X-ray
  • Wellness services
  • Health coaching

We recommend hours of operation, scope of services provided and specific programs based on your company and employee needs.

Physical Examinations

Physical examination evaluations provide an opportunity to determine if any medical condition exists which may need to be considered when matching a worker to a job. Our occupational physicians are trained to properly examine employees to ensure they can perform their job functions. Examinations offered include baseline examination, Department of Transportation (DOT) examination and medical surveillance.

Testing Services

IU Health Bloomington Hospital Occupational Health uses a laboratory certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA).

Testing services regulated and non-regulated substance abuse testing includes pre-placement testing, random testing, oral fluid testing, reasonable cause testing, hair testing and post-accident testing.

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