Assessment & Strategic Planning

Some employers have purchased wellness programs expecting to see major changes in their workplaces and in the health of their employees. Only problem Is, while the program was being Implemented the organizational environment remained the same. More than likely, leaders and employees behaved the same and not much changed. If you're one of these companies, It's not too late to take a step backwards and reevaluate. That's where we come in.

In other cases, employers are on the verge of getting real about wellness and what it can mean for their companies. Instead of jumping into a program, we can help you build the foundation you need to make one successful. We provide assurance that our process will optimize the opportunity for your organization and lead to the results you are looking for.


We provide an objective evaluation of the current state of your company around wellness. The assessment includes:

  • Senior leader interviews
  • Stakeholder meeting
  • Employee focus group
  • Physical environment analysis
  • Review of the company's history, culture, management style, wellness and claims experience
  • A formal report with recommendations


Information gleaned from the Organizational Assessment drives the development of the Strategic Plan that will deliver the best results for your company over time. The plan Includes:

  • Multi-year roll-out of communications and activities to engage, education and maximize participation
  • Program and Incentive design
  • Environmental enhancements
  • Evaluation plan