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No matter how young or old your child is, it can be scary if he or she needs hospital-level care. The pediatric team at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital is here 24 hours a day to get your child back to health. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, case managers, social workers, dietitians and chaplains work together to provide comprehensive care to every child and family.

As part of the Indiana University Health system, our providers have access to Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health if your child needs specialized or advanced hospital care.

Pediatrics Unit

The Pediatrics Unit at IU Health Bloomington Hospital includes 14 beds in a family-focused environment. Our pediatricians and pediatric nurses care for children who need inpatient care for a variety of reasons including illnesses, chronic conditions or injuries, as well as outpatient infusion services.

Parents can stay with their children throughout their hospital experience and we welcome them as an integral part of our care team.

Special Care Nursery

IU Health Bloomington Hospital offers a special care nursery for infants who are born prematurely or are in need of ventilation or other special needs, as well as newborns with mothers requiring ongoing medical care.

Children’s Therapy

The Indiana University Health Children’s Therapy in Bloomington provides advanced and comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services. Physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, as well as social services are provided for children, birth through adolescence.

Assessment and intervention are available for children with a wide range of diagnoses. Intervention is based on a multidisciplinary care model to meet needs through a team approach. Treatment sessions are play-based and parents/caregivers are encouraged to actively participate as part of the team to promote carry over into home, school and community environments.

Children’s Therapy specializes in the following services:

  • Developmental screenings. These screenings are available with a physician referral. Screenings are also held throughout the year in the community.
  • NICU Follow Up Clinic. This is our developmental clinic for babies discharged from the Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or who receive a physician referral.
  • Equipment loan. We loan adaptive equipment (bicycles, therapy balls, positioning equipment, augmentative/alternative communication devices, etc.) to children and families as needed.
  • Physician consultation. Our staff consults with local and regional physicians to coordinate high-quality care.
  • Education planning. Clinicians routinely consult with educational facilities to ensure continuum of care.
  • Financial and transportation assistance. Funds are available for financial assistance for services and equipment. Some transportation assistance is available through Assisted Medical Transport.
  • Group activities. These are therapeutic activities for improving social skills, language development, handwriting and sensory processing.
  • Myofascial Release. Clinicians with specialty training are available to address infant feeding difficulties and soft tissue restrictions in all children and adolescents.
  • Pediatric Videofluoroscopic Swallow Studies. This is an assessment of swallowing in conjunction with radiology.

New patients and their families can access the following forms:

  • Medical-Social History Form. This form is for parents/guardians to print and complete before the first appointment at Children's Therapy in Bloomington. Bring the completed form to the appointment.
  • Patient Medication Allergy List. This form is for parents/guardians to print and complete before the first appointment at Children's Therapy. Bring the completed form to the appointment.
  • Welcome Packet. This document provides more information about Children's Therapy in Bloomington, the children we work with and our services.

Children's Therapy accepts most major insurance and may be able to assist you in locating insurance coverage.

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