Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

At Indiana University Health, our highly skilled physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists support you throughout your recovery. We help you get back to your daily routine using exercise, hands-on treatment techniques and many other noninvasive therapies. Our licensed clinical staff offers care in the hospital and at outpatient clinics so you can receive convenient therapy at every stage of treatment.

At the Indiana University Health Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center, we specialize in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions for people of all ages. We create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs and specific conditions. We treat conditions and prevent future injuries by rebuilding your strength and endurance using innovative therapies and the latest research.

From traditional rehabilitation to sports performance and wellness programs, our team of therapists works closely with you to help you achieve your treatment and rehabilitation goals.

Sports Performance

The sports performance experts, therapists and athletic trainers at Indiana University Health Bloomington Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center (RSMC) offer a variety of programs and services to help athletes or individuals achieve performance or wellness goals.

Our programs include:

  • Athletic training. Our athletic trainers work with area schools and youth sports organizations to help athletes continue in their sport in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Excel™ athletic enhancement. The athletic enhancement program is a training program for male and female athletes who want to improve performance and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Body in Balance™. Body in Balance is an athletic movement screen that assesses common movement patterns used in sport and activity.
  • FrontRunner™. FrontRunner is a customized program specifically for runners to promote running efficiency and minimize the risk of injury.
  • GearUp™. The Gear Up Bicycle Fitting and Cycling Enhancement Program for cyclists promotes cycling efficiency and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • Massage therapy. Massage therapy promotes healthy body functioning and enhances the body’s own restorative powers. Call 812.353.3278 to learn more and schedule an appointment.
  • PoolRunner™. PoolRunner is an aquatic-based performance enhancement and injury prevention program held in our HydroWorx 1000 pool.
  • Rock Steady Boxing. This non-contact class is for those with Parkinson's Disease. Exercises are adapted from boxing drills and focus on balance, core strength and gross motor movements. Check out our class in action...

Email Dave Schroeder, PT or call 812.353.5383 to learn more about any of our sports performance programs.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will design a customized program to help you excel at your sport or fitness activities.

Rehabilitation & Wellness Services

Whether you are recovering from an injury or medical condition or looking for help with injury prevention, the therapists at IU Health Bloomington RSMC are here to help you. Our services include physical, occupational and speech therapy to help manage acute and chronic conditions.  

Services we offer include:

  • Aquatic Based Conditioning Program™. Our Aquatic Based Conditioning Program uses a specialized HydroWorx 1000 therapeutic pool and helps patients improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy enhances functional abilities using a warm water environment.
  • Balance and fall therapy. This therapy offers care for individuals who have experienced loss of balance or recent falls.
  • Breast cancer rehabilitation. This rehabilitation is for patients with breast cancer who have pain, limited motion, decreased strength or lymphedema.
  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic.  This free clinic is available to any breast cancer survivor including those who are currently undergoing breast cancer treatment as well as those who are finished with treatment.  This clinic gives individuals the opportunity to see an occupational or physical therapist to screen for and monitor any changes in their range of motion, strength, pain, or swelling.  If treatment is necessary, a prescription for skilled therapy will be obtained.   
  • Community mobility. This is an evaluation of a person’s driving skills that may have become compromised due to illness, disability or aging.
  • Home Safe Home. The Home Safe Home assessment helps adults identify needs and modify their home for safety and independence.
  • Low vision therapy. Occupational therapists help clients achieve or maintain independence with tasks such as reading medication labels, recipes, newspaper articles, managing finances, leisure activities and self-care activities.
  • Lymphedema. Occupational therapists and/or physical therapist will assess and establish an individualized treatment program to manage swelling, pain and loss of function that results from a compromised lymphatic system.
  • Massage. Massage therapy promotes healthy body functioning and enhances the body’s own restorative powers. Call 812.353.3278 to learn more or schedule an appointment.
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. Evaluation and treatment by a specially-trained physical therapist. Therapy can help both women and men with a variety of diagnoses including urinary and bowel issues, sexual dysfunction and pain with intercourse, and pelvic pain.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy helps individuals reduce pain, improve function and perform activities as independently as possible in all areas of life.  Beyond "‘traditional" exercise therapy for musculoskeletal pain, we offer specialized services for athletes, women’s health issues, lymphedema management, headaches, aquatic therapy, and neuromuscular dysfunction.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy. Physical therapy for women who are pregnant or postpartum incorporating postural corrections, body mechanics, strengthening and flexibility exercises, as well as manual therapy techniques to decrease pain, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.
  • Occupational therapy. Occupational therapy helps reduce pain and maximize function in all of the activities that occupy people’s time over the course of a day.  From preparing a meal to driving a car, our Occupational Therapists help patients regain or further develop their ability to engage in their daily tasks.
  • Oncology rehabilitation. An occupational therapist and/or physical therapist will assess and treat cancer survivors, including those that are preoperative or currently undergoing treatment in order to assist them in returning to their prior level of function by establishing appropriate exercise programs and providing skilled therapeutic intervention as needed. 
  • Speech/language pathology. Speech therapy can help speech, language, cognition, communication, and swallowing disorders stemming from any medical condition. Our speech therapists create individualized treatment programs to improve their patients’ ability to engage with the world around them.
  • Vestibular therapy. With our specialized testing equipment, our therapists determine the patient's cause of dizziness/imbalance and develop a vestibular rehabilitation plan that is exercise-based.
  • Videofluoroscopic swallowing studies. Speech-language pathologists perform swallowing tests using different foods and liquids to assess how well the muscles of the mouth and throat are functioning.

Email Dave Schroeder, PT or call 812.353.5383 to learn more about any of our rehabilitation and wellness services.

Occupational Medicine

At IU Health Bloomington Hospital Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we know that reducing occupational injuries and illnesses and the cost of workers’ compensation can be a complex, frustrating and expensive issue for employers. We provide a full spectrum of services to assist employers in the prevention and management of work-related injuries and illnesses from initial hire to retirement. Call 812.353.9378 to learn more.

Services we offer include:

  • Job function analysis. Job function analysis is a complex and comprehensive assessment of a job identifying the physical and functional requirements necessary to perform the job.
  • Job function description. The job function description is a detailed written report that objectively and accurately describes the physical and functional requirements of a specific job.
  • Job function test. A job function test is a comprehensive evaluation of job applicants to determine if they can safely perform the essential functions of a particular job. The job function test is developed utilizing data obtained from a job function description.
  • Ergonomic analysis. Ergonomic analysis consists of a systematic evaluation of a specific job to identify the presence of known ergonomic hazards that increase the risk of occupational injury and illness.
  • Injury prevention training programs. These programs are comprehensive educational sessions designed for both employees and management.
  • On-site stretching program. The on-site stretching program is an education and training program designed to help reduce fatigue in the workplace.
  • Work rehabilitation. Work rehabilitation focuses on treating the impairments and the functional limitations associated with an occupational injury or illness.
  • Work conditioning. Work conditioning is an intense, goal-oriented treatment program designed to restore a worker’s physical and functional capabilities.
  • Functional capacity assessment. A functional capacity assessment involves comprehensive testing of an individual to determine their physical abilities and limitations in performing work-related tasks.

Our occupational medicine staff has extensive knowledge, skill, expertise and experience in dealing with occupational injuries and illness at all levels from treatment to prevention to assisting in case/claims management.

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Direct access to physical therapy means you can call any of our offices and schedule an appointment without having to see your primary care provider first. These services may be restricted by insurance plans.

A physical therapist will see you, evaluate your condition and recommend a treatment program. If there's a need for continued therapy after the 24-day direct access period, we'll work with you and your primary care provider to get a referral for ongoing therapy.

Direct access is available at all four locations. Click here for the direct access brochure. Please see below for contact information.

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