Home Safe Home

The Home Safe Home Assessment is designed to help adults identify needs and modify their home for safety and independence.  This service includes measuring structural and physical elements of the home and using medical judgment, while assessing the client’s functional ability as they move through their home.

Who can benefit?

Individuals interested in living at home independently as they age and/or as they adapt to an injury or disease process. It is also beneficial for caregivers and for children of aging parents.

Why Home Safe Home™?

The purpose of this program is to provide you with recommendations that may make it more feasible for you to stay in your home, safely, for long as possible. It may reduce the risk of the need and the associated costs for alternative living environments (long term care facilities, assistive living and/or extended family living).

Who will work with me?

The Home Safe Home™ Assessment will be administered by an occupational therapist with training in home assessments, home modifications and equipment needs.  The participants will receive written recommendations for home modifications, equipment needs and adaptive techniques to promote improved independent function at home.

Home Safety Challenges may include:

•   Barrier-free showers, grab bars, elevated commodes, shower benches, non-skid surfaces

•   Ramps, railings, residential elevators, stair lifts, room-by-room accessibility, lighting

•   Adjustable beds, bed rails, patient lifts, stand poles, hand grips

•   Scooters, power wheelchairs, rollators, canes, walkers, reachers, dressing equipment

•   Community resources:  Home Care services, Handy man services


Option 1:   Comprehensive Home Evaluation

Upon a physician’s referral, the occupational therapist, using medical judgment, determines an individual’s functional ability within their home environment.  This service is billed through the client’s insurance.

Option 2:    Home Assessment of Physical Living Space

Without a referral, the occupational therapist will assess how the individual’s home is accessed and general safety of the environment.  This service is not billed through insurance.  Please contact us for current rates. 

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