Athletic Movement Screen

Body in Balance™ is an athletic movement screen that assesses common movement patterns used in sport and activity. It assesses the mobility and stability of joints and muscles during movement to identify musculoskeletal dysfunction that hinders performance.

Who Can Benefit?

Any athlete, whether a serious competitor or a recreational participant, who has the desire to improve their body’s balance of strength and flexibility for athletics.

What Can It Do For Me?

Once imbalances are identified, corrections in movement patterns are made through personalized corrective exercises. This builds a strong foundation for sports-specific skills to become more efficient, unlocking your potential for improved performance no matter what athletic activity you choose.

How Does The Program Work?

After the initial visit is scheduled, seven specific movement screens are performed in order to identify areas of dysfunction. Once these areas of dysfunction are identified, an individualized corrective exercise program is established for the client in order to redirect the exercise focus. Once the corrective exercise program is established, the athlete is instructed in a self-directed exercise program to be done on their own.

Follow up visits may be scheduled by clients, based on their individual needs, in order to assess their progress with the seven screened movements and to adjust the corrective exercises as appropriate.

Who Will Work With Me?

The athletic movement screen will be administered by health care providers and exercise specialists with extensive, specialized training and experience in working with athletes.

Contact us for current rates. IU Health employees and Senior Plus participants receive a 10% discount.

For more information contact Ryan Taylor, DPT, CSCS at 812.353.5974.