What Is FrontRunner™?

FrontRunner™ is a customized program, designed specifically for runners in order to promote running efficiency and minimize the risk of injury. We combine a videotaped running gait assessment, strength and flexibility screens and a foot posture assessment to tailor a program to meet your needs.

Who Can Benefit?

Any runner, whether a serious competitor or recreational participant, who would like feedback on their technique and to learn ways to improve their running efficiency.

Improve Running Efficiency

Improving strength and flexibility will allow your body to achieve a more efficient running gait. A more efficient running gait will allow greater conservation of energy, which can lead to improved performance.

Minimize the risk of injury

A stronger, more flexible and better-conditioned body will tolerate more stress placed on it without breaking down. This will lead to more time running and less time recovering from injury.

Who Will Work With Me?

The FrontRunner™ program will be administered by health care providers and exercise specialists with extensive, specialized training and experience in working with runners.

Basic Analysis (1/2 hour session)

Data is gathered through videotaped running analysis only. Findings are correlated to develop an individualized program which will include running drills/exercises to improve performance and minimize injury. A short summary of findings will be provided for the client.

Comprehensive Analysis (1 hour session)

Data is gathered through a strength and flexibility screen, foot posture screen as well as a videotaping of the client running. These findings are then analyzed and correlated to develop an individualized program which will include: strength and flexibility exercises; drills to improve running form; shoe recommendations and education related to improved performance and minimizing injury. A comprehensive report will be provided to each client.

Additional 30 minute follow-up sessions can be purchased separately.

Training Options:

PoolRunner™Aquatic Running Enhancement - PoolRunner is an aquatic-based performance enhancement and injury prevention program. Clients are seen in the specialized HydroWorx 1000 pool for individual assessment and training sessions utilizing an underwater treadmill and resistive jets. Feedback regarding efficient form is available visually via front and side video analysis. The speed, water depth, water jet resistance, and interval program is personalized based on the clients fitness level, health profile, and goals.

FrontRunner™ Running Enhancement Conditioning Class - A 45 minute running-specific exercise class for runners interested in injury prevention and performance enhancement. This class will focus on dynamic stretching, running form drills, core recruitment and strengthening of the hips, lower legs and feet.

Contact us for current rates. IU Health employees and Senior Plus participants receive a 10% discount.

For more information contact Brenda Taylor, MPT at 812.353.3372.