Gear Up

What Is It?

The Gear Up™ Bicycle Fitting and Cycling Enhancement Program is designed specifically for the cyclist to promote cycling efficiency and minimize the risk of injury.

The program combines posture, flexibility, strength, and functional screens with a biomechanical bicycle fitting and cycling assessment on the bicycle, with the goal of maximizing the cycling experience.

Who Can Benefit?

Any cyclist, whether a serious competitor or recreational participant, who would like feedback on their strength, flexibility and bicycle fit, and would like to learn ways to enhance their cycling efficiency.

What Can It Do For Me?

Improve cycling efficiency:

Improving flexibility, strength and functional movement coupled with a proper bicycle fit will allow your body to achieve more efficiency on the bike. Better efficiency allows greater conservation of energy, which can lead to improved performance.

Minimize the risk of injury:

A biomechanically sound body that is stronger and more flexible will be less susceptible to undue stress and tissue damage. This will lead to more time cycling and less time recovering from injury.

Bicycle Shop Fitting vs. Gear Up™

Bicycle shops often will match their customers with the bicycle model and size that best meets their needs. Previous and/or current injuries and biomechanical asymmetries, however, are often not addressed and can affect your fit and/or ride. Gear Up™ will consider all factors to either provide recommendations before purchasing a bicycle or when adapting your current bicycle to meet your needs, all while keeping injury prevention in the forefront.

Who Will Work With Me?

Gear Up™ will be administered by a licensed health care provider and exercise specialist with experience and interest in cycling.

How Does the Program Work?

Gear Up™ is administered one-on-one. The participant is required to bring his or her own bicycle and wear tight fitting clothing. Data is gathered through posture, strength, flexibility and functional movement screens as well as an assessment on the participant’s bicycle set up on a stationary trainer. Any recommended adjustments can be made on-site. The assessment results are utilized to develop an individualized program, including strength and flexibility exercises, drills to improve cycling techniques and efficiency, and education related to improved performance and minimizing injury.

Contact us for current rates. IU Health employees and Senior Plus participants receive a 10% discount.

For more information contact Ryan Taylor, DPT, CSCS at 812.353.5974.