What is PoolRunner™?

PoolRunner™ is an aquatic-based performance enhancement and injury prevention program. Clients are seen in the specialized HydroWorx 1000 pool for individual assessment and training sessions utilizing an underwater treadmill and resistive jets. Feedback regarding efficient form is available visually via front and side video analysis. The speed, water depth, water jet resistance, and interval program is personalized based on the clients fitness level, health profile, and goals.

Who Can Benefit?

Non-injured runners of all levels can benefit from transitioning one quality workout per week to the pool to decrease overall joint load. Running in chest-deep water also offers increased cardiovascular demand with hydrostatic pressure around the chest.

Runners with a history of impact-related injury can build fitness in a lower-load environment and assist with transitioning from cross training to normal running.

Who Will Work With Me?

PoolRunner™ assessments and training sessions will be supervised by an aquatic exercise specialist trained in performance enhancement and running biomechanics.

This program is available at our East location only. Contact us for current rates. IU Health employees and Senior Plus participants receive a 10% discount.

For more information contact Ryan Taylor, DPT, CSCS at 812.353.5974.