Star Bright Beginnings Childbirth Preparation Classes

At Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital, we believe each birth is as special and unique as the new life it brings. A childbirth class allows you to learn more about what to expect during birth, and how you can best prepare for the birth you want for your baby.

Our childbirth classes are led by highly-qualified and specially-trained obstetrical nurses from IU Health Bloomington Hospital Women & Children's Services. You will learn about the normal progression of labor, what to anticipate during your birth experience, and how to use breathing and relaxation skills during labor, and your partner will learn how to give you the support you need.

"I want to encourage all expectant parents to take childbirth classes. As nurses working in obstetrics, we can help you make educated choices about care for you and your baby. With many years of experience, I have seen how we can decrease your anxiety by helping you and your partner understand birth, breastfeeding, and baby care. We also teach coping skills for when things are not going as planned. Together you can feel prepared for the birth experience and taking your baby home."

~Cathy Greene

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Discoveries - Our four-week series offers an in-depth review of the information you need to feel comfortable and in control as labor approaches. “What will I feel, how will I react, and how can my partner help?” are all important questions we will answer. You and your partner will interact to use massage, birthing balls and coping strategies as you rotate through stations with different labor scenarios. This interactive experience helps you work together to ease your anxieties about your upcoming birth. The Discoveries class series offers plenty of time to practice prepared childbirth techniques such as breathing and relaxation skills to help you be more comfortable during your labor and birth, and your partner to be more prepared to offer you the support you need.  

Shooting Stars - Our one-day session offers a condensed version of our four-week series — just the highlights. This is a great class for those whose schedules don’t allow time for the full class or parents who have previous birth experience. Lunch is provided in the hospital’s cafeteria.

Baby Basics and Beyond* - Join the hundreds of parents thanking their lucky stars they took this class! Build confidence as you learn to care for your baby through interactive lecture, DVD and demonstration. This class will help you prepare for your new role as a parent through hands-on experience with baby dolls to practice skills. We recommend attending the class BEFORE the birth of your baby, but new parents and adopting parents are welcome.

Sibling Preparation - 3 different ways to meet their needs:

Because we know that your new addition to the family is special for the whole family, we would like to help prepare soon-to-be big brothers and sisters for the new baby. The Toddler Tour is great for little ones too young to hold a life size baby and change a diaper.

The Little Dipper Sibling Class - This 45-minute class is appropriate for children aged three to six. An adult must attend with the child. There is no charge for this class, but early registration is encouraged, as class size is limited. Each sibling attending the class will receive a free sibling preparation packet, described below. Please meet in the Center’s waiting lounge just outside of the “E” elevator on the second floor for the nurse to begin the class.

Little Dipper Toddler Tour - Join us for a maternity tour of the Women and Children’s Service Unit. Older siblings are also welcome or bring your whole family to come see where you will welcome a new member. The toddler tour is an option to the Little Dipper Sibling Class but has many of the same benefits. The Toddler Tour includes:

  • See the birthing, mother/baby rooms and nurseries to familiarize your child where you will be giving birth
  • Hear noises made by the IV and blood pressure cuff machines so your child will understand these are normal

Sibling Packet - If you cannot attend the Little Dippers classes or tour, we will gladly send your child a special packet, including stickers, a coloring book, crayons, and the book: What to Expect When Mommy’s Having a Baby, as well as a resource list of good videos and books.  Call 812.353.5252 to request this packet.

What's New Under the Sun: Grandparents Class: - Becoming a grandparent is something to be excited about! But, things have changed since your baby was a baby. This free class provides you with the same up-to-date information that is helping your baby bring your grandbaby safely into our modern world: contemporary labor and delivery, using technology for safer babies, rooming-in and breastfeeding, safe sleep habits and SIDS, communication among grandparents, parents and babies – and a tour of where your grandbaby will be born. Classes offered quarterly.

Breastfeeding Basics & Breast Pumps* - This class is for the mother who is considering breastfeeding her baby. Now includes information on working and breastfeeding. Come to this class and learn the importance of a good latch. Bring a partner or support person who can receive information to actively help the breastfeeding mother.

Touring the unit Star Gazers Tour - See the locally famous star filled ceiling in our Special Care Nursery and receive information about your upcoming deliver. Tours are included in the childbirth classes.

Offered every Saturday there is a childbirth class at 1 p.m.

*On Saturdays Baby Basics is offered in the morning and Breastfeeding Basics & Breast Pumps in the afternoon allowing you to take both in one day with a lunch break in between classes

Dates and Registration details can be found here.