On-Site Health Clinics

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Our Approach

Dedicated IU Health care providers and program specialists work on-site to deliver Enhanced Care that improves the health of your employees.  

Through our Enhanced Care Model, we provide preventive care services to address major health risks, including:

  • Smoking. We provide cessation programs, medical support and coaching to help employees kick the smoking habit.
  • Obesity. Our physicians, advanced practice providers and specially trained health coaches help generate positive lifestyle changes such as increased physical activity or a more nutritious diet that results in healthy weight loss.
  • High blood pressure. We apply clinical care and drive lifestyle changes, working with employees to reduce blood pressure through improvements in diet and exercise and by addressing other health concerns.

Addressing these three health risks improves employee health and reduces employer healthcare costs. For instance, obesity in an employee population can drive up employer healthcare spending by more than 30 percent. By working with your employees to make measureable improvements in these highly modifiable risks, we reduce healthcare costs and improve health and productivity across your organization.

Our Enhanced Care Process is designed to engage, analyze and treat your employees.

Our care providers work to engage your employees in their healthcare and use data to track their progress throughout treatment. We provide a new approach to healthcare, driving high engagement through direct outreach from the provider and health coach, as well as use a variety of targeted communications to encourage and support engagement in programs that lead to positive behavior change.

Through claims, medication and clinic data, we are able to analyze the conditions and needs of each employee. Using the data we collect, we work with each employee to design a unique, customized care plan to treat your employees. This plan is put into action by the entire care team.

Through the Enhanced Care Approach, we also care for a wide range of employee health issues, from the common cold to diabetes. By consistently meeting with employees and analyzing data, we achieve better health outcomes.