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Precision Genomics Program

Our Vision

The Precision Genomics program was established with the vision to set a new precedent in the area of genetic testing and cancer treatment outcome. By analyzing new information, IU Health cancer experts can now recommend a treatment plan based on a patient’s unique cancer, working to diminish the “one size fits all” approach, and provide new options for those without a standard option.


Patients are referred to the program by their medical oncologist. The program provides genomic consultation and cancer diagnostic genomic testing. Patient education is also offered through a comprehensive explanation that helps patients better understand their genomics.

Advances in genomic technology allow the data from the patient’s DNA to be sequenced, and through this process, can reveal the inner-workings of cancer. Next-generation sequencing provides information that allows the cancer to be precisely targeted with the use of FDA approved drugs or clinical trials.

Through cutting-edge genetic testing, and accessibility of these drugs, these program experts are able to identify the right drug, for the right person, at the right time.

A unique aspect of the program is that IU physician and scientists examine both the tumor genetics as well as the genetics that the patient is born with (known as the germline DNA). With these two pieces of information, IU oncologists are then able to better predict the effectiveness, as well as any possible toxicity reactions of a particular drug, therefore minimizing harmful side effects when recommending a therapeutic option to a patient.

How We Can Help

Precision Genomics Program Treatment Information

As part of the program’s commitment to the highest level of patient care, a committee of more than 20 multidisciplinary IU School of Medicine faculty and staff from IU Health, including oncologists, genomics scientists, pathologists, pharmacy specialists, nurses and clinical trial specialists review the individual patient’s genomic results. This team of experts is committed to providing each patient with a specialized treatment plan.

Personalized medicine is rapidly reshaping treatment for cancer patients, when all standard treatment options have been exhausted. Results are showing that patients who participate in the genomics program are extending their lives, as well as their quality of life. The Precision Genomics program is proving to be a leader in this exciting new field and is accelerating the future of cancer treatment.

Precision Genomics Program Locations

Precision Genomics Program For Referring Physicians

The IU Health Precision Genomics program currently only accepts patients whose cancer has metastasized (spread).

To be referred to this program, a patient must:

Currently, we do not have availability for leukemia or lymphoma patients.

To refer a patient, contact us at a location near you.