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2015 Community Benefit Summary

A Letter from the IU Health President and CEO

How do you define “community benefit?” For the uninsured, it might be access to free or reduced-cost care. For a student at risk for obesity, it might be participation in an IU Health Strong Schools pedometer program. A hungry family might point to the help they get from an IU Health-sponsored food pantry. read more

Serving the community is at the heart of our mission at Indiana University Health— “to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation and excellence in care, education, research and service.” We are committed to creatively and proactively addressing the healthcare needs of the communities we serve; it’s an integral part of who we are as a nonprofit healthcare organization.

In 2015, IU Health provided more than $522 million in total community benefit, serving more than 1 million Indiana residents. This includes more than $351 million in free and reduced-cost care to qualified patients. And through our IU Health Strength That Cares volunteer program, more than 3,600 team members devoted thousands of hours to making a difference in the Indiana communities we call home. We believe we can make Indiana a healthier place to live and we will persistently pursue this goal individually and through collaborations with others.

I encourage you to browse this report, where you can read more about how we’re working to make a difference in communities across Indiana. On behalf of the IU Health Board of Directors and all of our team members, I invite you to join us as we strive to provide a strong, healthy future for all Indiana residents.

Best wishes,

Dennis Murphy
President and CEO
Indiana University Health

Our Commitment to the Community

Every day, Indiana University Health carries out its mission to improve the health of patients and community members through innovation and excellence in clinical care, education, research and service. In 2015, IU Health invested more than $522 million in community benefit, and over $620 million in community investments, serving more than 1 million Indiana residents. Select a category below to learn more.

Indiana University Health has a long tradition of helping people in need gain access to high-quality healthcare. With more than 150 financial navigators throughout the system, IU Health helped more than 14,000 patients sign up for insurance coverage in 2015. IU Health offers comprehensive financial assistance services to those who are low income, uninsured, underinsured, or unreimbursed costs of Medicaid. In 2015, IU Health provided over $351 million in free or reduced-cost care.

Improving the health of Indiana communities is an important priority for Indiana University Health – both inside our facility walls and beyond them. For this reason, IU Health invested nearly over $34 million in community health initiatives, reaching people in a broad range of health screening, education, and wellness programs.

IU Health is committed to educating and preparing the next generation of clinical providers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. In 2015, IU Health invested over $77 million providing education to professionals statewide.

Indiana University Health offers a number of programs and services to help those in need improve their health and well-being, even though these clinical services operate at a financial loss. Ensuring that underserved populations have access to these essential services is an important priority. In 2015, IU Health provided subsidized health services totaling more than $13 million.

Through its unique partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine, IU Health actively supports researchers by providing access to the latest technology and facilities – fostering an environment that makes new discoveries possible. To assist in these efforts, IU Health donated over $29 million to find new cures.

The Voice of Community Benefit Impact

  • “Our number one goal is that young people, senior citizens and people in need are being fed.”

    – Chief Troy Riggs, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
  • “Facing issues brought on by the aging brain is not for the weak of heart. There are challenges my family has faced over the last few years that the Aging Brain Center team has helped us get through. They have provided tremendous emotional support, empathy, passion, and a lot of cheerleading to help us get through it all.”

    – Jeanna Roderick, daughter of Aging Brain Care patient
  • “I’ve gotten my family to eat and enjoy healthier meals and improved my health. I’ve been able to lose weight and feel a lot better.”

    – Muncie resident, Kathy Patton
  • Knowing the significant benefit of having an AED in hand, IU Health Bedford was eager to support the donation of six AEDs for the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

  • “Joni is always up on new medications and dieting tips and is very good at keeping us informed. She will do anything to get you information or whatever it is you need.”

    – Ann Chaney
  • “The running club has helped Malcom discover a love of running and build healthy habits for a lifetime."

    – Malcolm's mother
  • “Hamilton County Parks remains grateful to the staff and administration from IU Health for the support and labor they selflessly provide in order for the park department to accomplish its mission to serve our community.”

    – Resource Development Specialist, Hamilton County Parks and Recreation
  • “Thank you for caring about our kids and their wellness.”

    – Throop Elementary Principal
  • “From a second grade teacher perspective, it has been liberating to be able to get kids out of their seats to learn. They behave and they’re more excited about learning. It really does work.”

    – Stout Elementary 2nd grade teacher
  • “Thank you so much for the program for our girl scouts. They learned a lot and had a blast.”

    – Troop 556 Leader
  • The 2015 IU Health Tipton Health Fair offered several different screenings to more than 150 participants.

  • “Science Enchantment has been electrifying and uplifting. The students get excited when they see the equipment and unleash the curiosity so necessary for inquiry. There is nothing more satisfying than to see the students enthusiastic about a lesson.”

    – Teacher at Wayne Township Schools
  • “Children who participated in Kindergarten Camp continue to stay on track through third grade in contrast to at-risk students who did not participate.”

    – Peggy Shidaker, Curriculum Director at Knox Schools in Starke County

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